What’s it like living near a railroad?


If you’re Reading this article, you’re probably wondering if living near a railroad is as bad as it sounds. It can be noisy and disruptive, but the tradeoff may be worth it if you prefer to live in the countryside or if noise isn’t an issue for you overall.

Pros of living near train tracks

1. Reduced Travel Time: Train travel is significantly faster than alternative land transportation, such as cars or buses, meaning you can save time commuting or traveling to far-off destinations.

2. Saves Money: Train tickets are often cheaper than tickets for other forms of transport, allowing passengers to save money when traveling.

3. Easier to Access: Train tracks are easily accessible, making it convenient to reach areas close by or far away from home.

4. Reduced Impact on the Environment: Taking trains instead of cars reduces carbon emissions and the overall environmental impact of transportation.

Cons of living near train tracks

Safety risks

One of the major cons of living near train tracks is the potential safety risks associated with living too close to the railway track. Accidents, including derailment, might occur, and close proximity could put lives in danger.

Too noisy to sleep well

The loud sound of a freight train Horn or whistle can be highly disruptive, making sleep difficult and peace and quiet hard to come by.

The noise can be loud, but it is not constant. When trains are passing through the area, they are required to blow their horns at certain times. This means that people have time to get out of harm’s way before the train comes through.

Also, it may be necessary to adjust your daily routine to account for the last train that goes by.


living near train tracks

Do railroad tracks affect home value?

The presence of railroad tracks can affect property value, particularly if it is a busy track with a lot of noise and disruption. However, if the track is in a rural area with minimal traffic, it may not have as much of an effect.

The sound and vibration of freight trains going by can take a toll on home values.

How far should you live from a railroad?

In terms of how far away you should live from a railroad track, it will depend on the type of track and the frequency of the trains. Generally speaking, if you want to minimize noise, you should live at least 500 feet away from the track.

Can train vibrations damage a house?

Train vibrations can damage houses, particularly if the house is close to the track. This is due to the vibrations from the train passing over the tracks, which can cause damage to the structure of the house. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the house is properly insulated to reduce any potential damage.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t have to be so bad

When you live near a railroad, it’s a part of your scenery—like the mountains or the ocean. It’s not something that causes any major problems or disturbances, and it can even be kind of peaceful. You get used to hearing trains pass by, and they usually give plenty of warning before they do so.

Listen to the train whistle in the breeze–it can almost sound melodic… or maybe not? Idk. 😂

You can learn to live with it

As with anything else, when you get used to something that you never thought would bother you, you may find yourself wondering why it bothered you in the first place. I know people who have lived near train tracks all their lives and they don’t even notice them anymore.

Living near a train track can be a mixed bag. On the pro side, you may get to enjoy the convenience of having the train nearby and the novelty of the occasional whistle. On the con side, living near a train track can be loud, depending on the type and frequency of the trains. It can also be disruptive to your sleep and may occasionally reek of diesel fuel.

In terms of safety, make sure to look into any potential hazards related to the track such as potential derailment or theft. It is also important to consider the amount of traffic on the track when making your decision.

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