Living Near A University: All The Benefits You’re Missing Out On


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The first time I moved to a college town, I thought campus life was the best thing in the world. I could walk to campus in five minutes and hang out with friends any time of day. Plus, there were so many restaurants to choose from and public transportation options that made going anywhere easy and fun.

However, living near a university isn’t always all roses and sunshine—it can be challenging at times as well. Here are some things you should know before you move into student housing near a college or university:

Rent Prices

Rent prices in a neighborhood near a university can be high because of supply and demand. There are tons of college students who want to live in the area, so landlords can charge more rent. The same principle applies if your university is located in a particularly desirable neighborhood.

Public Transportation

If you live near a university, chances are that there’s public transportation available to get you around. In fact, for many cities and towns with a large university population, public transportation is an integral part of life for those who don’t have cars. Here’s what you need to know about getting around by bus or subway:

  • How do I get to campus from my house? Your school’s website will have information about the routes and times of buses and trains that run on campus. If the university has a shuttle service operating during certain hours (which it often does), this information may also be posted online as well.

  • How do I get from campus back into town after class? It depends on how far away your home is from campus. Some bus routes go directly into town while others stop at various stops around the city center before going to downtown or other areas like town centers or shopping malls where people might want to go. You can check out maps that show all bus stops in an area on Google Maps’ Street View feature – just click on “Buses” when looking at routes between two places and then select “Show All Bus Stops”.


Many universities have a student-friendly restaurant scene. As the college population grows, so does the number of nearby restaurants. When you live near a university, you can enjoy rich dining options without leaving campus. If there are no restaurants near your university, consider looking in nearby neighborhoods that offer student housing or other amenities for young adults.

Some great places to eat when you’re near a university include:

  • fast food chains like McDonald’s and Chipotle that are open late into the night

  • pizza joints like Dominoes and Papa John’s which have delivery drivers who will deliver food to campus dorm rooms at all hours of day or night

  • Sandwich shops such as Subway or Jimmy Johns (a regional chain)

Things To Do

There are a lot of things to do in the neighborhood near your new university. Museums, parks, shopping, and concerts are all great options for an afternoon out. Sports arenas and movie theaters are also available in many college towns.

Study Spots

study spot

The library is an obvious choice. Most universities have one and they are often open to the public. Some libraries even have study rooms you can Reserve in advance, which may be preferable if you’re looking to get some work done in a quiet environment. However, if you need to cram for an exam then the library might not be best suited for your needs — it can get incredibly crowded and noisy at times.

Another option is coffee shops with wifi access. If there aren’t any nearby then consider finding some local cafes or restaurants that offer good food and drinks while allowing their customers access to a computer or tablet so they can browse freely on the Internet without having to pay extra fees or buy something else off of their menu as well as free Wi-Fi so people don’t have any additional costs associated with using their computers/tablets etc…

Medical services

Living close to a university has its benefits, especially if the university has a medical school. Being in close proximity to a medical school means that you will have access to the best and most up-to-date medical services available. Not only will you have access to the latest treatments and technologies, but you will also be able to consult with some of the most renowned and experienced medical professionals in the country.

Furthermore, you may be able to take advantage of some of the research studies and clinical trials conducted by the university’s medical school. Being close to a university with a medical school also puts you in closer proximity to some of the best medical facilities in the area. This means that you will have access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment and facilities, as well as highly skilled specialists who can provide you with the best possible care. Medical schools will also help you to take courses and participate in extracurricular activities related to health and medicine, giving you a more well-rounded education.

All in all, living close to a university with a medical school can provide you with a wealth of benefits, from access to the best medical services to more educational opportunities.

Social life

university football game

Living close to a university is a great way to improve your social life. Not only do you get to experience the college lifestyle, but you get to be part of the university’s culture. You can attend the football games, join in on the tailgates, and meet a diverse group of people. You can also take advantage of the surrounding town and its local events, such as farmers’ markets and festivals. The university also often hosts cultural events and performances that are open to the public.

Living on campus or near campus gives you access to the university’s facilities and resources, such as the library, athletic centers, and student clubs. You can even take advantage of the student discounts available in the nearby town. All in all, living close to a university can be extremely beneficial to your social life.

Living in a college town can be challenging, but it has its advantages.

One of the best things about living near a university is that you’re close to campus. You don’t have to walk or drive very far if you need something from your favorite coffee shop or want to go for a quick run. It can also be Nice being so close to public transportation, like buses and subways. You may even find yourself using these instead of driving your own car on occasion!

It can also be nice having access to so many restaurants in the area, especially if they cater to students’ needs (like cheap food options). This isn’t always true, but it seems like most universities have at least one place nearby where students can get some good food without spending too much money on it.

Another important thing about living near a university? Study spaces! The library is usually open 24/7 during exam season (which means you should never have trouble finding somewhere quiet), but there are other places as well: cafes with free wifi access; restaurants with outlets; even public parks will work as long as there aren’t too many people around making noise


Living close to a university can be a great benefit. Students living in the area can enjoy the convenience of being close to campus, while also feeling secure in the community.

Students often prefer to live in close proximity to their school, as it allows them to save money on transportation and other related costs. This can be especially beneficial for first-year students, as they can find their way around campus faster and more easily. New students can also benefit from living close to campus, as it allows them to get to know the area better and become familiar with their new surroundings.

Additionally, many people enjoy being able to walk to university classes, as it saves money and time.

Finally, living close to a university can also increase home values, making it a great investment for the future.

All in all, living close to a university can be a great experience for both current and prospective students.

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