Quito Attractions: The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Quito

Nestled high in the Andes, Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is a city where modern hustle blends with colonial charm, all under the watchful gaze of the Pichincha volcano. It’s a place where every corner tells a story, and the warm smiles of the locals make you feel right at home. Let’s dive into the heart of this high-altitude haven and explore the top 10 attractions that make Quito a must-visit destination.

1. The Historic Center of Quito

Strolling through the streets of Quito’s historic center is like walking through the pages of a history book. The area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is brimming with well-preserved colonial architecture. The Plaza de la Independencia, with its Monument to the heroes of 1809, is a great starting point. Don’t miss the chance to visit the ornate Compañía de Jesús Church, with its stunning gold-leaf interior, and the imposing Basilica del Voto Nacional, which offers breathtaking views of the city from its towers.

2. La Mitad del Mundo

Ever dreamed of standing in both hemispheres at once? La Mitad del Mundo lets you do just that. This monument marks the equatorial line and is a quirky yet iconic symbol of Quito. The Intiñan Museum nearby offers interactive exhibits and experiments that demonstrate the unique phenomena of the equator. It’s a fun spot for a photo op and to wrap your head around the fact that you’re at the center of the world!

3. TelefériQo

For those who love heights, the TelefériQo is your ticket to some of the most jaw-dropping views of Quito. This cable car ride takes you up the side of Pichincha Volcano to a staggering 4,100 meters. At the top, you can hike, horseback ride, or simply soak in the panoramic vistas. Remember to dress warmly; it gets chilly up there!

4. The Church and Convent of San Francisco

Quito’s religious heritage shines at the Church and Convent of San Francisco. This complex is one of the oldest and most significant religious sites in the Americas. Inside, you’ll find a trove of colonial art and a peaceful courtyard that invites reflection. The church’s baroque interior and the famous ‘Virgen de Quito’ sculpture are sights you won’t soon forget.

5. Capilla del Hombre and the Guayasamín Museum

Art lovers, rejoice! The Capilla del Hombre is a tribute to the indigenous people of Latin America, created by the famous Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. His powerful works, alongside his personal collection, are displayed in the adjacent museum. It’s a moving experience that delves deep into the region’s history and struggles.

6. El Panecillo

El Panecillo, a hill towering over southern Quito, is crowned by the majestic statue of the Virgin of Quito. This aluminum monument is not only a protector of the city but also provides a stunning viewpoint. The 360-degree views from here are simply unbeatable, especially at sunset when the city lights begin to twinkle.

7. La Ronda

La Ronda is a charming street that comes alive at night with music and cultural festivities. Lined with artisan shops, cafes, and traditional food vendors, it’s the perfect place to sample local delicacies like empanadas and canelazo. The vibrant atmosphere here is contagious, and it’s a great way to experience Quito’s nightlife.

8. The Central Market

For a taste of local life, head to the Central Market. Here, you’ll find a colorful array of fresh produce, meats, and flowers. It’s also the spot to try authentic Ecuadorian dishes at very reasonable prices. The ceviches and freshly squeezed juices are not to be missed!

9. The City Museum

Quito’s City Museum offers a fascinating look into the city’s transformation over the centuries. Housed in a former hospital, the museum’s exhibits range from pre-Columbian artifacts to contemporary art. It’s a quiet retreat from the city’s bustle and a chance to deepen your understanding of Quito’s rich cultural tapestry.

10. Parque La Carolina

Last but not least, Parque La Carolina is Quito’s answer to Central Park. This expansive green space is perfect for picnics, sports, or just a leisurely walk. On weekends, it’s a hive of activity with families enjoying paddle boats on the pond and youngsters playing soccer. It’s a slice of everyday Quito life that’s refreshing and relaxing.


  • What’s the best time of year to visit Quito?

    Quito’s high altitude means it has a temperate climate year-round. However, the dry season from June to September is often considered the best time to visit for clear skies and less rain.

  • Is it safe to travel around Quito?

    Like any major city, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Stick to well-traveled areas, especially at night, and keep valuables out of sight. Generally, tourists find Quito to be welcoming and safe.

  • How do I deal with the high altitude in Quito?

    Quito sits at 2,850 meters above sea level, so altitude sickness can be a concern. Take it easy the first couple of days, stay hydrated, and consider drinking coca tea, which is said to help with symptoms.


Quito is a city that captures hearts with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the heights of the TelefériQo to the bustling streets of La Ronda, there’s an adventure around every corner. Whether you’re marveling at the architectural wonders of the historic center or standing with one foot in each hemisphere at La Mitad del Mundo, Quito’s attractions are as diverse as they are captivating. It’s a city that invites exploration and rewards the curious traveler with experiences that linger long after the journey home. So pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and get ready to fall in love with the charm of Quito.

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