The Ultimate Weekend in Mississauga, Canada: How to Make the Most of 48 Hours

Ah, Mississauga – the unsung gem nestled beside its big sister, Toronto. If you’ve got a weekend to spare, let me tell you, this city’s got some surprises up its sleeve. From the serene waterfront of Port Credit to the bustling Square One Shopping Centre, 48 hours here can be a whirlwind of discovery and relaxation. So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the ultimate weekend in Mississauga, and trust me, it’s going to be a blast!

Day 1: Discovering the Heart of the City

Morning has broken, and there’s no time to waste. Kick off your weekend with a hearty breakfast at one of the local cafes. I’m partial to the eggs benedict at Kravingz – it’s a game-changer. With your taste buds satisfied, it’s time to explore.

First stop, the Art Gallery of Mississauga. It’s a cultural hub that showcases stunning contemporary art. The best part? Admission is free! Wander through the exhibits and let your creative juices flow.

As lunchtime rolls around, head over to Streetsville, affectionately known as “The Village in the City.” Here, quaint shops and eateries line the streets. Grab a bite at Goodfellas Pizza – their wood-fired pizzas are the talk of the town.

Afternoon Adventures and Evening Escapades

Post-lunch, it’s time to stretch those legs at Riverwood Conservancy. Nature trails wind through this urban oasis, offering a peaceful retreat. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife!

As the sun begins to dip, make your way to Port Credit. This waterfront village is perfect for an evening stroll. The lighthouse stands as a beacon, guiding you to the best views of Lake Ontario.

Dinner options are plentiful, but for a truly memorable meal, try Snug Harbour. Their seafood is fresh, and the patio views are second to None. As night falls, the Living Arts Centre offers performances that cater to all tastes. Check their schedule; you might just catch a show that’ll cap off your night beautifully.

Day 2: Shopping, Skating, and Skyline Views

Good morning! Day two beckons with the promise of retail therapy. Square One Shopping Centre is a must-visit. It’s one of Canada’s largest malls, with stores that cater to every whim.

After you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, grab a quick lunch at one of the food court’s many options. Then, it’s time for some ice skating at the Mississauga Celebration Square. In the winter, it’s transformed into a magical outdoor rink.

As the afternoon wanes, take a drive up to the Kariya Park. This serene Japanese garden is a hidden gem, offering a slice of tranquility amidst the urban landscape.

Evening Farewell to Mississauga

For your final evening, indulge in a dinner at one of the city’s top-notch restaurants. My recommendation? Alioli Ristorante. Their Italian cuisine is divine, and the ambiance is perfect for reflecting on your weekend.

After dinner, why not take a leisurely drive up to the Absolute World Towers? These iconic curvaceous skyscrapers are even more impressive up close. They’re a fitting symbol of Mississauga’s dynamic spirit.

Before you call it a night, take one last walk around Celebration Square. It’s often buzzing with activity and is the perfect spot to soak in the city’s vibe one last time.


  • What’s the best way to get around Mississauga?

    Public transit is reliable, but for a weekend trip, I’d recommend renting a car. It gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

  • Are there any hidden spots in Mississauga that are a must-see?

    Absolutely! The Leslie Log House is a historical gem that’s often overlooked. It’s a window into the city’s past.

  • Can you recommend any family-friendly activities?

    Definitely! The Playdium Arcade is a hit with kids and kids-at-heart. Also, the Mississauga Central Library has great programs if you’re looking for a quieter activity.


There you have it – a weekend in Mississauga packed with culture, nature, shopping, and dining. This city may not always be in the limelight, but it sure knows how to deliver an unforgettable 48 hours. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Mississauga’s blend of urban excitement and suburban charm is bound to leave you wanting more. So, when are you planning your ultimate weekend here?

Remember, Mississauga is more than just a dot on the map next to Toronto. It’s a vibrant community with its own unique flavor. From the serene Kariya Park to the bustling Square One, there’s a slice of this city for everyone. And who knows? After a weekend here, you might just find yourself coming back for seconds. 😉

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