How to Manage Properties with a Gym and Fitness Amenities

How to Manage Properties with a Gym and Fitness Amenities

Managing properties with a gym and fitness amenities can be a challenging yet rewarding task for real estate investors, homeowners, and agents. With the increasing demand for health and wellness facilities in residential and commercial properties, it’s essential to understand how to effectively manage these amenities to attract and retain tenants. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of managing properties with fitness amenities, including maintenance, marketing, legal considerations, and more.

Understanding the Importance of Fitness Amenities

Before diving into the management aspect, it’s crucial to understand the significance of fitness amenities in today’s real estate market. According to a recent survey by the National Apartment Association, 55% of renters consider fitness amenities as a top priority when choosing a rental property. Moreover, properties with well-maintained gyms and fitness centers tend to have higher occupancy rates and command higher rents.

  • Attracting health-conscious tenants
  • Increasing property value
  • Enhancing community engagement
  • Reducing tenant turnover

Maintenance and Upkeep of Fitness Amenities

Proper maintenance and upkeep of fitness amenities are crucial for ensuring tenant satisfaction and safety. Regular inspections, cleaning, and equipment servicing are essential aspects of maintaining a well-functioning gym and fitness center.

Regular Inspections

Conducting regular inspections of the gym and fitness amenities helps identify potential issues before they escalate. This includes checking for any damages, wear and tear, and ensuring that all equipment is functioning correctly.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Keeping the gym and fitness amenities clean and sanitized is vital for maintaining a healthy environment for tenants. This includes regular cleaning of equipment, floors, and surfaces, as well as providing sanitization stations for users.

Equipment Servicing and Replacement

Regular servicing of gym equipment ensures that it remains in good working condition and reduces the risk of accidents. Additionally, replacing outdated or damaged equipment is essential for maintaining a modern and appealing fitness center.

Marketing Properties with Fitness Amenities

Effectively marketing properties with fitness amenities can help attract health-conscious tenants and increase occupancy rates. Highlighting the benefits of these amenities and showcasing them in property listings and promotional materials is crucial for attracting potential tenants.

High-Quality Photos and Videos

Using high-quality photos and videos of the gym and fitness amenities in property listings can help showcase the facilities and attract potential tenants. Consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer to capture the best angles and features of the amenities.

Virtual Tours

Offering virtual tours of the gym and fitness amenities can provide potential tenants with an immersive experience and help them visualize themselves using the facilities. This can be particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person property viewings may be limited.

Social Media Promotion

Utilizing social media platforms to promote the fitness amenities can help reach a wider audience and attract health-conscious tenants. Share photos, videos, and updates about the gym and fitness center on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Managing properties with fitness amenities also involves understanding and complying with various legal requirements and regulations. This includes ensuring tenant safety, accessibility, and adherence to local and federal laws.

Liability and Insurance

Property owners and managers should ensure that they have adequate liability insurance coverage to protect against potential accidents or injuries that may occur in the gym and fitness center. Additionally, having tenants sign a waiver of liability before using the facilities can help minimize legal risks.


Ensuring that the gym and fitness amenities are accessible to all tenants, including those with disabilities, is essential for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (Ada). This may involve installing ramps, handrails, and other accessibility features as needed.

Local and Federal Regulations

Property owners and managers should be aware of any local and federal regulations that may apply to their gym and fitness amenities. This may include building codes, health and safety regulations, and other requirements specific to their jurisdiction.

Engaging Tenants and Encouraging Usage

Encouraging tenants to use the gym and fitness amenities can help create a sense of community and improve tenant satisfaction. This can be achieved through various strategies, such as offering fitness classes, hosting events, and providing incentives for regular usage.

Fitness Classes and Programs

Offering fitness classes and programs, such as yoga, Pilates, or group exercise classes, can help engage tenants and encourage them to use the facilities. Consider partnering with local fitness instructors or personal trainers to provide these services.

Events and Challenges

Hosting events and challenges, such as fitness competitions or wellness workshops, can help create a sense of community among tenants and encourage them to use the gym and fitness amenities regularly.

Incentives for Regular Usage

Providing incentives for regular usage of the gym and fitness amenities, such as discounted rent or other rewards, can help motivate tenants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make the most of the facilities available to them.


Managing properties with a gym and fitness amenities requires a comprehensive approach that includes proper maintenance, effective marketing, legal compliance, and tenant engagement. By understanding the importance of these amenities and implementing the strategies discussed in this article, real estate investors, homeowners, and agents can successfully manage properties with fitness amenities and attract health-conscious tenants. Ultimately, this can lead to increased property value, higher occupancy rates, and improved tenant satisfaction.

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