The Ultimate Weekend in Pucallpa, Peru: How to Make the Most of 48 Hours

Imagine stepping off the beaten path and diving into a weekend of vibrant culture, lush rainforests, and the untamed beauty of the Peruvian Amazon. That’s exactly what awaits you in Pucallpa, a hidden gem nestled on the shores of the Ucayali River. With just 48 hours to soak it all in, you’ll want to make every moment count. So, let’s embark on an adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Day 1: Immersion in Nature and Culture

Morning: Yarinacocha Lake

Start your day early with a visit to Yarinacocha Lake. It’s a serene spot, perfect for a morning boat ride. As the mist lifts, you’ll witness the Amazon waking up. Pink river dolphins may playfully surface beside your boat, and the calls of exotic birds will be your soundtrack. Don’t forget your camera; the sunrise over the lake is a sight to behold.

Afternoon: Ethnobotanical Garden

After a local breakfast of juanes, head to the Ethnobotanical Garden. Here, you’ll learn about the medicinal plants used by indigenous tribes. It’s a fascinating look at natural remedies and the rich biodiversity of the region. A local guide will share stories and knowledge that you won’t find in any guidebook.

Evening: Pucallpa City Life

As dusk falls, it’s time to explore Pucallpa’s city life. The Plaza de Armas comes alive with street performers and vendors. Try some regional delicacies like tacacho or Cecina. Then, stroll along the Ucayali River promenade. The sunset views here are simply stunning, painting the sky in hues of Orange and pink.

Day 2: Adventure and Relaxation

Morning: Boating on the Ucayali River

Wake up to the call of the wild and set out for a boating adventure on the Ucayali River. You’ll navigate through tributaries and possibly spot monkeys, sloths, and countless bird species. The river is the lifeblood of the Amazon, and you’ll feel its pulse as you glide through the waters.

Afternoon: Aguaytia Waterfall

Next, venture to the breathtaking Aguaytia Waterfall. It’s a bit of a journey, but the reward is a majestic cascade amidst the rainforest. Take a dip in the refreshing pools or simply bask in the beauty of the falls. It’s a moment of tranquility that will stay with you long after you leave.

Evening: Local Market and Farewell Dinner

Your final evening should be spent at a local market. Here, you’ll find handcrafted goods and perhaps a souvenir or two. For dinner, indulge in a traditional Amazonian feast. Surrounded by new friends, you’ll toast to an unforgettable weekend in Pucallpa.


  • What’s the best way to get around Pucallpa?

    Mototaxis are a fun and affordable way to navigate the city. For longer trips, like to Aguaytia Waterfall, consider hiring a car or joining a tour.

  • Are there any health precautions I should take?

    It’s wise to consult with a travel doctor before your trip. They may recommend vaccinations or precautions against malaria and yellow fever.

  • What should I pack for a weekend in Pucallpa?

    lightweight clothing, a good insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat are essentials. Don’t forget a swimsuit for those waterfall dips!


In just 48 hours, Pucallpa offers an escape that’s both exhilarating and serene. From the natural wonders of Yarinacocha Lake and the Ucayali River to the cultural heartbeat of the city’s plazas and markets, there’s a unique blend of experiences waiting for you. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a culture enthusiast, or simply in need of a refreshing weekend away, Pucallpa delivers. Remember, it’s not just about the places you visit, but the moments you create and the memories you take home. So, pack your bags and set your sights on an ultimate weekend in Pucallpa, where adventure meets relaxation in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

As you plan your trip, keep in mind that Pucallpa is more than a destination; it’s a gateway to understanding the diverse tapestry of nature and culture that defines the Amazon. And who knows? This weekend might just be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with one of Peru’s most enchanting regions.

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