The Ultimate Weekend in Pasay City, Philippines: How to Make the Most of 48 Hours

Imagine stepping into a vibrant tapestry of culture, entertainment, and relaxation. That’s exactly what awaits you in Pasay City, Philippines. With just 48 hours to soak it all in, you’ll want to hit the ground running. Let’s dive into how you can squeeze every drop of excitement out of your ultimate weekend in this bustling metropolis.

Day 1: Dive into the Heart of Pasay

Morning has broken, and there’s no time to waste. Start your day with a hearty Filipino breakfast at a local eatery. Tapsilog – a combination of marinated beef, fried rice, and Egg – will give you the energy you need for the day ahead.

After breakfast, make your way to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It’s a hub for the arts and a perfect spot to immerse yourself in the country’s rich cultural tapestry. Check out the latest exhibits or catch a live performance if time allows.

As lunchtime approaches, head over to the Seaside Dampa. It’s a unique dining experience where you can buy fresh seafood from the market and have it cooked to order at one of the nearby restaurants. It’s a feast for the senses!

Afternoon Adventures and Sunset Views

With your belly full, it’s time to explore the Mall of Asia, one of the largest malls in the world. Shop, skate at the ice rink, or ride the Moa Eye for panoramic views of the city.

As the sun begins to dip, make your way to the Baywalk. It’s a picturesque promenade perfect for capturing the golden hour. The sunset over Manila Bay is nothing short of breathtaking.

For dinner, indulge in the local culinary scene. Pasay is brimming with gastronomic delights, from street food to upscale dining. Try the adobo, a national dish, at a restaurant with a view to cap off your evening.

Day 2: Leisure and Luxury

Wake up refreshed and ready for another day. A leisurely brunch at a café near your accommodation is a great way to ease into the morning.

Next, pamper yourself with a visit to a luxury spa. A traditional Filipino massage, known as Hilot, will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Post-relaxation, it’s time for some retail therapy. Head to Newport Mall for high-end shopping or explore the local markets for unique souvenirs.

Evening Entertainment Extravaganza

As evening approaches, get ready for a night of entertainment. Resorts World Manila offers a plethora of options, from Casino floors to theater shows.

For your final dinner, choose one of the many fine dining options within the complex. A fusion of Filipino and international cuisine will provide a memorable meal.

End your night with a live band or a DJ at one of Pasay’s vibrant clubs. Dance the night away and celebrate the culmination of a weekend well spent.


  • What’s the best way to get around Pasay City?

    Public transportation is readily available, but for convenience, consider ride-hailing apps or renting a car with a driver.

  • Are there any cultural etiquette tips I should be aware of?

    Yes, Filipinos are quite polite and respectful. Always greet with a smile and be courteous when interacting with locals.

  • What should I pack for a weekend in Pasay?

    Light, comfortable clothing is a must due to the tropical climate. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat for protection against the sun.


Your 48 hours in Pasay City will fly by with the endless activities and sights to enjoy. From the cultural richness of the CCP to the leisurely luxury of spa treatments and high-end shopping, there’s something for everyone. The culinary adventures will tantalize your taste buds, and the evening entertainment will leave you with lasting memories. Pasay City is a place where every minute counts, and your ultimate weekend here will prove just that. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Philippines.

Remember, it’s not just about ticking off the tourist spots; it’s about embracing the local vibe, indulging in the flavors, and making connections that enrich your travel tapestry. Pasay City is more than a destination; it’s a journey packed into 48 exhilarating hours. And who knows? You might just find yourself planning your next visit before the weekend is over.

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