The Ultimate Weekend in Erzurum, Turkey: How to Make the Most of 48 Hours

Imagine stepping into a city where the air is crisp, the landscapes are steeped in history, and every corner promises a new adventure. That’s Erzurum for you, a hidden gem in the eastern Anatolian region of Turkey. With just 48 hours to soak in its splendor, you’ll want to make every minute count. So, let’s dive into how you can have the ultimate weekend in Erzurum, a place where ancient traditions meet snowy peaks.

Day 1: Discovering Erzurum’s Rich History

Morning: A Walk Through Time

Start your day with a hearty Turkish breakfast at one of the local cafes. Think olives, cheese, honey, and more, all spread out before you. Then, head to the Çifte Minareli Medrese, a stunning example of Seljuk architecture. Don’t miss the Ulu Cami nearby, a mosque that has stood the test of time since the 12th century.

Afternoon: A Taste of Culture

For lunch, indulge in cağ kebabı, a local delicacy that’s a must-try. Afterward, visit the Erzurum Archaeology Museum to witness artifacts that tell tales of bygone eras. Stroll through the Yakutiye Medrese, which now serves as an ethnography museum, to see the intricate craftsmanship of the Seljuks.

Evening: Sunset and Shopping

As the sun begins to set, make your way to the Erzurum Castle for a panoramic view of the city. The twilight hours cast a magical glow over the stone walls. Cap off the day by shopping for Oltu stone jewelry, a unique black stone that’s been crafted into beautiful pieces by local artisans.

Day 2: Embracing the Great Outdoors

Morning: Mountain Majesty

Rise early and venture out to Palandöken Mountain. In winter, it’s a skier’s paradise, while summer offers hiking trails with breathtaking views. Take the chairlift up for an unforgettable experience, no matter the season.

Afternoon: Thermal Relaxation

After an active morning, relax at the Pasinler Thermal Baths. The healing waters are said to work wonders for your health. It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate before continuing your adventures.

Evening: Culinary Delights and Folklore

Conclude your weekend with a visit to a traditional meyhane, where you can savor local dishes and listen to folk music. Try the kadayıf dolması for dessert, a sweet treat that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Maximizing Your Weekend in Erzurum

To truly make the most of your weekend in Erzurum, planning is key. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t miss a beat:

book accommodations close to the city center. This will save you time on transportation.
– If you’re visiting in winter, pack warm clothing. The temperatures can dip quite low.
– Learn a few Turkish phrases. A friendly “Merhaba” (hello) can go a long way.


  • What’s the best way to get around Erzurum?
    Public transport and taxis are readily available. For a more authentic experience, try the dolmuş, a shared minibus that’s both affordable and efficient.
  • Is Erzurum suitable for family travel?
    Absolutely! The city offers activities and sights that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.
  • What should I pack for a weekend in Erzurum?
    It depends on the season. For winter, bring heavy coats and boots. In summer, lighter clothing but with a jacket for cooler evenings. And don’t forget your camera!


Erzurum is a city that captures the heart with its majestic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry. A weekend here is just enough to leave you enchanted and yearning for more. From the historical wonders that whisper stories of the past to the adrenaline rush of mountain sports, Erzurum offers a blend of experiences that are both unique and unforgettable.

Whether you’re sipping tea by the ancient walls or carving through the snow on Palandöken, every moment in Erzurum is a slice of Anatolian heaven. So pack your bags, set your itinerary, and get ready for a weekend that will etch itself into your memory for years to come.

Remember, it’s not just about ticking off the sights; it’s about immersing yourself in the essence of this Turkish wonder. And who knows? You might just find yourself planning your next visit before the weekend is even over. Here’s to an ultimate weekend in Erzurum, where every second is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

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