The 10 Best Things To Do In Port St. Lucie

Imagine waking up to the gentle lull of the Atlantic, the Florida sun casting its warm glow over a landscape ripe with adventure. Port St. Lucie, a hidden gem nestled along the Treasure Coast, beckons with its blend of natural beauty, sporting action, and tranquil retreats. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or just in need of some quality family time, this vibrant city doesn’t just promise variety—it delivers in spades.

1. Explore the Savannas Preserve State Park

Let’s kick things off with a serene escape to the Savannas Preserve State Park. It’s a paradise for kayakers, bird watchers, and anyone itching to immerse themselves in Florida’s natural splendor. Paddle through the Freshwater marshes, and you might just spot an alligator basking in the sun or a heron gracefully skimming the water’s surface.

2. Tee Off at PGA Village

Golf enthusiasts, rejoice! PGA Village offers a trifecta of championship courses designed by legends of the game. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or simply enjoy a day on the greens, this is a must-visit. The state-of-the-art training center is the cherry on top for those looking to up their game.

3. Catch a Game at Clover Park

Baseball fans, you’re in for a treat. Clover Park is the spring training home of the New York Mets. Grab a hot dog, settle into your seat, and soak up America’s favorite pastime. The atmosphere is electric, and who knows, you might even snag an autograph or two.

4. Visit the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens

Need a moment of peace? The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens are a lush oasis. Stroll through collections of exotic and native plants. The butterfly garden is a highlight, with its kaleidoscope of colors fluttering about. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic with loved ones.

5. Take a River Cruise on the St. Lucie River

For a different perspective, why not hit the water? A river cruise on the St. Lucie River offers breathtaking views and a chance to learn about the local ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and manatees, or simply enjoy the gentle sway of the boat and the cool breeze.

6. Enjoy the Oxbow Eco-Center

Another haven for nature lovers is the Oxbow Eco-Center. With its interactive exhibits and nature trails, it’s an educational adventure for all ages. The center’s dedication to conservation is inspiring, and the trails are a great way to get up close and personal with Florida’s diverse wildlife.

7. Dive into the St. Lucie County Aquarium

Speaking of wildlife, the St. Lucie County Aquarium is a window into the wonders of the ocean. The Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit is fascinating, showcasing local marine habitats in detail. It’s a hit with kids and adults alike, offering a dose of education along with the fun.

8. Hit the Sand at Walton Rocks Beach

Beach bums, you haven’t been forgotten. Walton Rocks Beach is a slice of coastal heaven. It’s dog-friendly, so your furry friends can join in the fun. Surf the waves, build sandcastles, or simply bask in the sun—the beach is your playground.

9. Indulge in Local Flavors at the Farmers Market

Foodies, take note. The local farmers market is a cornucopia of fresh produce and artisanal goods. Sample tropical fruits, savor homemade jams, and mingle with the friendly locals. It’s a taste of Port St. Lucie’s community spirit served up with a side of delicious treats.

10. Get Creative at the MIDFLORIDA Event Center

Last but not least, the MIDFLORIDA Event Center is a hub of culture and entertainment. From concerts to craft shows, there’s always something happening. It’s a great place to catch a live performance or discover local artists.


  • What’s the best time of year to visit Port St. Lucie?

    Port St. Lucie is a year-round destination, but the best weather is typically from November to May. Spring training season is a particularly exciting time for baseball fans.

  • Are there activities for kids in Port St. Lucie?

    Absolutely! From the aquarium to the botanical gardens and eco-centers, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy.

  • Is Port St. Lucie a good spot for outdoor activities?

    Without a doubt! With its parks, preserves, and beaches, outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of adventures in Port St. Lucie.


In wrapping up, Port St. Lucie is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the lush landscapes of its state parks to the rolling fairways of PGA Village, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re watching a Mets game under the Florida sun, exploring the depths of the ocean at the aquarium, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the botanical gardens, you’re in for a treat. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in this coastal paradise.

Remember, these are just a taste of the best things to do in Port St. Lucie. The city’s charm lies in its ability to surprise and delight at every turn. So why not come and see for yourself? You might just find your new favorite spot along the Treasure Coast.

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