The 10 Best Things To Do In Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya, affectionately known as PJ, is a vibrant city that’s a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a treasure trove of experiences with its own unique charm that often gets overlooked. But let me tell you, from thrilling theme parks to serene green spaces, PJ’s got it all. So, buckle up as we dive into the top 10 things that should be on your must-do list when you visit this dynamic city.

1. Get Your Thrills at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

First up, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is a blast for folks of all ages. With over 80 attractions spread across six adventure zones, it’s a place where you can let loose and have some serious fun. Whether you’re a daredevil looking to conquer the Vuvuzela, the world’s largest water ride, or you’re more into waving at the wildlife in the Wildlife Park, there’s something for everyone.

2. Shop Till You Drop at One Utama Shopping Centre

Shopping enthusiasts, rejoice! One Utama is a shopping haven that’s not to be missed. It’s one of the largest malls in the world, and it’s easy to see why. With a dizzying array of shops, an indoor rainforest, and even a rooftop garden, it’s a place where you can shop, dine, and unwind all under one roof.

3. Explore the Arts at The PJ Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC)

For the culture vultures, PJPAC is a gem. It’s a hub for the performing arts where you can catch a play, a musical, or a dance performance. The Talent here is top-notch, and the shows are always thought-provoking. It’s a great way to spend an evening soaking in some local culture.

4. Take a Walk on the Wild Side at The Petaling Jaya Bird Sanctuary

Need a break from the concrete jungle? The Petaling Jaya Bird Sanctuary is your go-to spot. It’s a serene escape where you can meander through lush greenery and spot a variety of feathered friends. It’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally, and a lovely way to reconnect with nature.

5. Indulge in Local Delights at SS2 Hawker Centre

Foodies, get ready to tantalize your taste buds. The SS2 Hawker Centre is a culinary hotspot where you can savor the flavors of Malaysia. From mouth-watering satay to delectable durian, the array of local dishes here will leave you spoilt for choice. It’s a feast for the senses and a must-visit for any food lover.

6. Tee Off at The Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

Golf aficionados, look no further. The Tropicana Golf & Country Resort offers a lush, green oasis where you can enjoy a round of golf. With its well-maintained fairways and challenging holes, it’s a great place to test your skills or simply enjoy a leisurely game in a picturesque setting.

7. Unwind at The Thai Odyssey

After all that excitement, you might need some downtime. The Thai Odyssey is a slice of heaven where you can indulge in traditional Thai massages and treatments. It’s the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate before you continue your PJ adventure.

8. Get Creative at The Craft Crowd

Feeling crafty? The Craft Crowd offers a range of workshops where you can unleash your inner artist. Whether you’re into painting, sewing, or making your own jewelry, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon and create something beautiful.

9. Catch a Flick at The Starling Mall’s MBO Cinemas

Movie buffs, you’re in for a treat. The Starling Mall’s MBO Cinemas provide a cozy spot to catch the latest blockbusters. With comfy seats and top-notch sound systems, it’s an ideal place to kick back and enjoy a film.

10. Experience the Nightlife at The Roof

As the sun sets, PJ’s nightlife comes alive. The Roof is a trendy spot where you can sip on cocktails and dance the night away with a panoramic view of the city. It’s the perfect way to cap off your day in Petaling Jaya.


  • What’s the best way to get around Petaling Jaya?

    Public transport in PJ is pretty reliable, with a network of buses and trains. Grab and taxis are also readily available for more convenience.

  • Are there any family-friendly activities in Petaling Jaya?

    Absolutely! Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and the Petaling Jaya Bird Sanctuary are fantastic for a family day out.

  • Is Petaling Jaya expensive to visit?

    PJ offers a range of activities for every budget. From free parks to shopping splurges, there’s something for everyone.


Petaling Jaya is a city that’s full of surprises. It’s a place where you can find adventure, culture, and relaxation all rolled into one. From the adrenaline-pumping rides at Sunway Lagoon to the tranquil greenery of the bird sanctuary, PJ has a knack for catering to all tastes. The food scene is a delight, the shopping is world-class, and the arts are alive and thriving. Whether you’re teeing off at dawn or dancing till dusk, this city knows how to keep you entertained. So, if you’re looking for a destination that has it all, Petaling Jaya should be at the top of your list. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t forget!

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