The 10 Best Things To Do In Nagasaki

Nestled on the western coast of Kyushu, Nagasaki is a city that’s risen from its past with a spirit that’s as indomitable as it is inspiring. It’s a place where history and modernity dance a delicate tango, creating a symphony of experiences that resonate with travelers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just in search of a new adventure, Nagasaki’s got a little something for everyone. Let’s dive into the top 10 things that should be on your must-do list when you visit this vibrant city.

1. Reflect at the Nagasaki Peace Park

The Peace Park stands as a poignant reminder of the tragic atomic bombing on August 9, 1945. It’s a place that commands silence and reflection, with the iconic Peace Statue stretching its hands to the sky—a symbol of hope and a prayer for peace. Strolling through the park, you’ll find various monuments contributed by countries around the world, each with its own story and message.

2. Step Back in Time at Dejima

Once an artificial island built during the Edo Period to sequester foreign traders, Dejima is now a fascinating open-air museum. As you wander through the restored Dutch trading post, you’ll get a glimpse of life during a time when Nagasaki was Japan’s sole window to the Western world. The attention to detail in the reconstruction is nothing short of remarkable.

3. Soak in the Views from Mount Inasa

For a breathtaking Panorama, make your way up to Mount Inasa. By day, the view is lush and expansive, but it’s the nighttime scene that’s truly magical. The city lights sparkle like a carpet of jewels, earning it a spot among the top three night views in Japan. The ropeway ride to the Summit adds to the thrill, especially as dusk falls and the city transitions from day to night.

4. Explore the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

A visit to the Atomic Bomb Museum is a sobering experience, but it’s essential for understanding Nagasaki’s story. The museum doesn’t shy away from the horrors of the atomic blast but also focuses on the resilience and recovery of its people. Artifacts, photographs, and personal accounts give a human face to the historical event.

5. Discover Glover Garden

Perched on a Hillside, Glover Garden is an open-air museum showcasing a collection of historic homes belonging to foreign merchants. The star is the Glover House, the oldest Western-style building in Japan. The garden offers a lovely stroll with views of the harbor and a chance to peek into the cosmopolitan life of the Meiji era.

6. Take a Trip to Gunkanjima (Hashima Island)

Once a bustling Coal mining island, Gunkanjima’s abandoned concrete buildings give it an eerie, post-apocalyptic vibe. It’s no wonder it was a filming location for a James Bond movie. Tours to the island allow you to witness the stark contrast between the deserted ruins and the life that once thrived there.

7. Indulge in Nagasaki’s Culinary Delights

Nagasaki’s cuisine is as diverse as its history. Champon, a hearty noodle dish brimming with seafood and vegetables, is a must-try. Don’t miss out on Castella, a sponge cake brought by Portuguese traders, which has become a sweet symbol of the city. And for a unique twist, savor the local Shippoku cuisine—a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, and Western flavors.

8. Visit the Spectacular Ōura Church

Ōura Church is a testament to Nagasaki’s rich cultural tapestry. It’s a stunning Gothic-style basilica that holds the title of Japan’s oldest church. Built in honor of the 26 Christian martyrs executed in the 16th century, it’s a serene sanctuary that tells a story of faith and perseverance.

9. Wander Through the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture

To truly grasp the depth of Nagasaki’s international connections, the Museum of History and Culture is the place to be. It’s packed with artifacts that trace the city’s evolution from a secluded nation to a hub of global exchange. The museum also offers hands-on activities, like trying on traditional costumes or learning the art of Japanese calligraphy.

10. Enjoy the Nagasaki Lantern Festival

If you’re lucky enough to visit during the Chinese New Year, the Nagasaki Lantern Festival will sweep you off your feet. The city comes alive with vibrant lanterns, dragon dances, and stalls filled with festive treats. It’s a Celebration of Nagasaki’s Chinese heritage and a feast for the senses that you won’t soon forget.


  • What’s the best time of year to visit Nagasaki?
    Spring and autumn are ideal for comfortable weather and beautiful scenery. However, if you want to experience the Lantern Festival, plan your visit around the Chinese New Year.
  • Is Nagasaki suitable for family travel?
    Absolutely! The city offers a mix of educational and fun activities that can be enjoyed by all ages.
  • How many days should I spend in Nagasaki?
    A minimum of two to three days is recommended to cover the main attractions without rushing.


Nagasaki is a city that’s bounced back with grace and vitality, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that are both thought-provoking and exhilarating. From the solemnity of the Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum to the stunning views from Mount Inasa and the historical intrigue of Dejima and Glover Garden, there’s no shortage of things to do. Add in the unique culinary delights, the serene Ōura Church, and the lively Lantern Festival, and you’ve got a destination that truly has it all. Whether you’re soaking in history or enjoying the local culture, Nagasaki is a place where every traveler can find something to cherish. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the wonders of this resilient and enchanting city.

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