The 10 Best Things To Do In Murcia

Ah, Murcia! Nestled in the southeastern corner of Spain, this city is a hidden gem that’s ripe for exploration. With its blend of Moorish history, baroque architecture, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe, Murcia offers a treasure trove of experiences. Let’s dive into the top 10 things that should be on your must-do list when you visit this sun-drenched locale.

1. Marvel at the Murcia Cathedral

First up, you can’t miss the Murcia Cathedral. It’s a stunning mishmash of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. The Bell tower, soaring high into the sky, is a sight to behold. I spent a good hour just gazing at the intricate façade before stepping inside to the cool, hushed interior. It’s a peaceful retreat from the midday sun.

2. Stroll Through the Glorious Gardens of the Real Casino de Murcia

Next, make your way to the Real Casino de Murcia. Don’t let the name fool you; it’s not a gambling house but a social club with opulent décor. The Moorish patio and the lush English-style garden are simply breathtaking. It’s like stepping into a different era, one where time slows down and beauty reigns supreme.

3. Explore the Salzillo Museum

Art lovers, rejoice! The Salzillo Museum is home to the works of Francisco Salzillo, an 18th-century sculptor. His religious figures are so lifelike, they seem to breathe. The museum’s collection is a testament to his mastery of woodcarving, and it’s a profound experience, whether you’re religious or not.

4. Take a Dip in the Mar Menor

Just a stone’s throw from Murcia, you’ll find the Mar Menor, Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon. Its warm, shallow waters are perfect for a swim. I spent a lazy afternoon floating on my back, soaking up the sun, and it was pure bliss. The lagoon is also a hotspot for water sports if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Savor the Local Cuisine at Plaza de las Flores

Foodies, get ready for a treat at Plaza de las Flores. This bustling square is lined with cafes and restaurants serving up Murcian delicacies. I still dream about the Tapas I had there – the marineras (a local salad on a bread ring topped with anchovies) were to die for. And don’t even get me started on the pastel de carne!

6. Discover the Historic Town of Cartagena

A short trip from Murcia, Cartagena is steeped in history. The Roman Theatre, dating back to the 1st century BC, is a highlight. I wandered around the ancient ruins, imagining the spectacles that once captivated audiences. The town’s archaeological museum is also worth a visit for a deeper dive into its past.

7. Hike in the Sierra Espuña

For the nature enthusiasts, the Sierra Espuña offers a breath of fresh air. The trails wind through Pine forests and offer stunning views. I recommend packing a picnic – there’s nothing like a meal with a view after a good hike. Keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife; the park is home to a variety of birds and even wild boar.

8. Visit the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta

The Sanctuary of the Fuensanta is not only a religious site but also a vantage point with panoramic views of the city. I found it to be a place of serenity, perfect for some quiet reflection. The sanctuary is a beloved local spot, especially during the annual pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin of Fuensanta.

9. Experience the Fiestas de Primavera

If you’re lucky enough to be in Murcia during the spring, you’re in for a treat. The Fiestas de Primavera are a riot of color and joy. The streets come alive with parades, flowers, and music. It’s a Celebration of life that’s infectious; I couldn’t help but join in the dancing and merrymaking.

10. Wander Through the Mercado de Verónicas

Last but not least, immerse yourself in local life at the Mercado de Verónicas. This bustling market is where locals shop for fresh produce, meats, and cheeses. I loved chatting with the vendors and sampling the regional products. It’s an authentic slice of Murcian life that’s not to be missed.


  • What’s the best time to visit Murcia?

    Spring and fall offer pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds. Plus, you’ll catch events like the Fiestas de Primavera in April.

  • Is Murcia suitable for family travel?

    Absolutely! With beaches, museums, and outdoor activities, there’s something for every age.

  • How do I get around Murcia?

    The city is walkable, but there’s also a reliable bus system. For day trips, consider renting a car.


In conclusion, Murcia is a city that may fly under the radar but is packed with culture, history, and natural beauty. From the architectural splendor of the Murcia Cathedral to the festive Fiestas de Primavera, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting for you. Whether you’re indulging in the local cuisine, exploring ancient ruins, or simply enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine, Murcia offers a slice of Spanish life that’s both authentic and enchanting. So pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure that you’ll remember for years to come.

Remember, these are just a taste of what Murcia has to offer. Each visit reveals new secrets and delights. So why not see for yourself? Trust me, it’s worth the trip!

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