The 10 Best Things To Do In Florianópolis

Imagine a place where the sapphire waves kiss golden sands, where the sun paints the sky in hues of Orange and pink every evening, and where the vibrant culture dances to the rhythm of both tradition and modernity. That’s Florianópolis for you, a Brazilian gem that’s as much a haven for beach lovers as it is a playground for adventurers. Let’s dive into the top experiences that make this island city a must-visit destination.

1. Bask in the Sun at Praia Mole

With its soft sands and rolling waves, Praia Mole is a sunbather’s paradise and a surfer’s dream. It’s not just the beach that’s alluring; the surrounding landscape is dotted with lush greenery, making it a picturesque spot for that perfect vacation selfie. After catching some waves, you can chill at one of the beach bars, sipping on a caipirinha while the DJ spins some laid-back tunes.

2. Explore the Historic Santa Catarina Island

Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina state, and the island itself is steeped in history. Wander through the streets of Santo Antônio de Lisboa, a district that oozes colonial charm. Here, you’ll find centuries-old churches, artisan shops, and some of the best seafood restaurants in town. Don’t miss the sunset from the waterfront; it’s truly magical.

3. Take a Hike to Lagoinha do Leste

For those who love a good trek, Lagoinha do Leste is the ultimate reward. It’s a secluded beach accessible only by foot or boat, offering a tranquil escape from the buzz of the city. The hike can be challenging, but the panoramic views of the ocean and the lagoon are worth every step. Remember to pack a picnic – there are no facilities here, just unspoiled nature.

4. Experience the Nightlife at Lagoa da Conceição

As the sun sets, Lagoa da Conceição comes alive with its bustling nightlife. This area is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, brimming with bars, clubs, and live music venues. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing or just want to enjoy a drink with friends, there’s a spot for every vibe here.

5. Discover the Joaquina Dunes

Ever tried sandboarding? The Joaquina Dunes are the perfect place to slide down Sandy slopes and feel the adrenaline rush. If that’s not your thing, simply admire the vast expanse of these natural wonders. The dunes are also a popular spot for watching the sunrise or sunset – an experience that’s both serene and spectacular.

6. Dive into the Waters of Ilha do Campeche

Ilha do Campeche is a slice of paradise with crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving. The marine life here is vibrant, with colorful fish and corals aplenty. The island also boasts archaeological sites with ancient rock inscriptions, adding a touch of mystery to your visit.

7. Savor the Flavors at Mercado Público

No visit to Florianópolis is complete without a trip to the Mercado Público. This market is a feast for the senses, offering everything from fresh produce to local handicrafts. Be sure to try some of the regional delicacies, like oysters and the hearty dish of açorda.

8. Catch a Cultural Event at Theatro Ademir Rosa

Theatro Ademir Rosa is the cultural heart of Florianópolis, hosting a variety of performances throughout the year. From ballet to Brazilian pop concerts, there’s always something exciting on the calendar. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local arts scene.

9. Relax at Jurerê Internacional

Jurerê Internacional is synonymous with luxury and relaxation. This upscale neighborhood boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and chic resorts. Spend your day lounging by the sea or indulge in a spa treatment. As evening approaches, the beach clubs here offer a sophisticated ambiance for enjoying a cocktail or two.

10. Embrace Adventure at Parque Unipraias Camboriú

Just a short drive from Florianópolis, Parque Unipraias Camboriú is an adventure park that offers fun for the whole family. From zip-lining to mountain sledding, there’s no shortage of thrills. The park’s cable cars also provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape.


  • What’s the best time to visit Florianópolis?

    Florianópolis is a year-round destination, but the peak season is from December to March when the weather is warm and sunny.

  • Is Florianópolis suitable for families?

    Absolutely! With its beaches, parks, and cultural attractions, there’s something for every age group in Florianópolis.

  • How do I get around the island?

    Renting a car is the most convenient way to explore Florianópolis, but there are also public buses and taxis available.


Florianópolis is a treasure trove of experiences, blending natural beauty with cultural richness. From the laid-back vibe of Praia Mole to the historic streets of Santa Catarina Island, there’s a slice of paradise for everyone. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a foodie, or someone who just wants to soak up the sun, this Brazilian island won’t disappoint. So pack your bags, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Florianópolis!

Remember, these are just the highlights. Florianópolis has countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So why not start planning your trip today? You’re sure to find your own favorite spots on this enchanting island.

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