The 10 Best Things To Do In El Paso

El Paso, Texas, a city where cultures blend as seamlessly as the desert sands meet the sky, offers a treasure trove of experiences that are as diverse as its landscape. Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or a foodie, there’s something in this sun-kissed city that’ll catch your fancy. Let’s dive into the top 10 things that you absolutely must do when you visit this vibrant border town.

1. Take a Hike at Franklin Mountains State Park

Imagine a place where the rugged desert beauty is your playground. That’s Franklin Mountains State Park for you. With over 100 miles of trails, it’s a hiker’s paradise. You can scale the peaks for panoramic views or explore the easier trails that still offer plenty of desert Flora and fauna. Remember to bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen – the El Paso sun doesn’t play around!

2. Step Back in Time at the El Paso Mission Trail

History whispers from the walls of the centuries-old missions along the El Paso Mission Trail. The Ysleta, Socorro, and San Elizario missions each tell a story of the region’s rich cultural heritage. They’re not just relics; they’re active parishes that welcome visitors with open arms. It’s a spiritual journey that’s as enlightening as it is picturesque.

3. Get Cultured at the El Paso Museum of Art

Who says you need to go to New York or Paris to see world-class art? The El Paso Museum of Art boasts a collection that spans from the Byzantine era to contemporary works. And the best part? Admission is free! It’s a cultural oasis in the heart of downtown that’s sure to inspire both art aficionados and casual observers alike.

4. Savor Authentic Border Cuisine

El Paso’s culinary scene is a delightful dance of flavors where Mexican and Texan influences tango on your taste buds. From mouthwatering tacos to hearty steaks, the food here is as bold as the Texas spirit. Don’t miss out on the local favorite, Chico’s Tacos, for a taste of El Paso that you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Explore the Wonders of the El Paso Zoo

Who knew you could embark on a global animal adventure right in El Paso? The El Paso Zoo is home to over 220 species, with exhibits that transport you from the African Savannah to the Asian forests. It’s a hit with kids and adults alike, making it a perfect family outing. Plus, the zoo’s conservation efforts mean your visit supports a good cause.

6. Discover the Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Step into the 19th century at the Magoffin Home State Historic Site. This adobe residence tells the tale of a multicultural family that played a pivotal role in El Paso’s development. The guided tours are captivating, offering a glimpse into the life of a bygone era. It’s a piece of living history that’s as educational as it is enchanting.

7. Catch a Show at The Plaza Theatre

The Plaza Theatre is a jewel in El Paso’s entertainment crown. This historic venue has been restored to its former Spanish Colonial Revival style glory, complete with intricately painted ceilings and antique furnishings. Whether it’s a Broadway show, a concert, or a classic film, a night here is guaranteed to be memorable.

8. Embrace the Outdoors at Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site

For rock climbers, Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site is hallowed ground. Its unique rock formations are not just a climber’s paradise but also a sacred site with ancient pictographs. Even if climbing isn’t your thing, the hiking and bird watching are top-notch. Just make sure to book a guided tour, as access is limited to protect the delicate ecosystem.

9. Shop and Stroll in the El Paso Downtown Arts District

The El Paso Downtown Arts District is a hub of creativity and commerce. Here, art galleries stand shoulder to shoulder with boutiques and restaurants. The district comes alive during the monthly Art Walk, where the streets buzz with live music, food vendors, and local artisans. It’s a vibrant slice of city life that’s not to be missed.

10. Take in the View from Scenic Drive

For a breathtaking view of El Paso, drive up to Scenic Drive. Day or night, the vista is spectacular, with the city lights twinkling like stars fallen to earth. There’s a lookout point where you can park and take it all in. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a quiet moment of reflection.


  • What’s the best time of year to visit El Paso?

    Spring and fall offer the most pleasant weather, but honestly, El Paso’s charm shines year-round.

  • Are there any family-friendly activities in El Paso?

    Absolutely! The El Paso Zoo, interactive museums, and state parks offer plenty of fun for the whole family.

  • Is El Paso safe for tourists?

    Yes, El Paso is considered one of the safest large cities in the U.S. Just exercise common travel sense, and you’ll be fine.


El Paso is a city that surprises at every turn. It’s a place where the desert holds endless adventures, history is alive and well, and the cultural tapestry is rich and vibrant. From the peaks of the Franklin Mountains to the depths of Hueco Tanks, the city’s natural wonders are a playground for the adventurous. Its historical sites whisper tales of the past, while its art and culinary scenes are a testament to its thriving present. Whether you’re here for the food, the culture, or the great outdoors, El Paso promises an experience that’s as unique as the city itself. So pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and get ready to explore the best that El Paso has to offer.

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