The 10 Best Things To Do In Bobo-Dioulasso

Imagine stepping into a city where the heartbeat of cultural diversity and historical richness pulsates through the streets. Bobo-Dioulasso, affectionately known as Bobo, is Burkina Faso’s second-largest city and a treasure trove of West African charm. It’s a place where adventure whispers in the air, beckoning travelers to explore its many wonders. Let’s dive into the top 10 things to do in this vibrant city, where every corner promises a new discovery.

1. Marvel at the Grand Mosque

Bobo’s Grand Mosque is an architectural masterpiece, standing as a testament to the city’s Islamic heritage. Built in the late 19th century, its mud-brick design is a sight to behold. Visitors are often captivated by its intricate wooden support beams, known as toron, which protrude from the walls. Although non-Muslims can’t enter the prayer hall, the exterior alone is worth the visit.

2. Wander Through the Old Bobo

Strolling through the Old Bobo, or Vieille Ville, feels like a step back in time. The narrow, winding streets are lined with traditional houses and bustling markets. It’s a sensory overload in the best way possible, with the scents of spices and sounds of local dialects filling the air. Don’t miss the chance to chat with friendly artisans and perhaps pick up a handcrafted souvenir.

3. Explore the Houet Provincial Museum

For history buffs, the Houet Provincial Museum is a must-visit. It offers a deep dive into the region’s cultural and historical narratives. The museum showcases a variety of artifacts, from musical instruments to masks and traditional costumes. It’s a small but mighty space, brimming with stories waiting to be discovered.

4. Relax at the Koko Lagoon

Need a break from the hustle and bustle? Koko Lagoon is your oasis. Just a short drive from the city center, this tranquil spot is perfect for a leisurely picnic or a refreshing swim. The lagoon’s calm waters are surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene escape from the urban energy of Bobo.

5. Visit the Mausoleum of Guimbi Ouattara

History intertwines with spirituality at the Mausoleum of Guimbi Ouattara. This site honors the founder of Bobo-Dioulasso and is an important place of remembrance for locals. The mausoleum’s peaceful atmosphere is palpable, and it’s a respectful space to reflect on the city’s past leaders and their legacies.

6. Experience the Bobo-Dioulasso Market

No visit to Bobo is complete without experiencing its vibrant market. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors and activities, where you can find everything from fresh produce to textiles. Haggling is part of the fun, so put on your bargaining hat and immerse yourself in this lively aspect of local life.

7. Enjoy the Music Scene at a Local Maquis

Bobo is known for its lively music scene, and there’s no better place to experience it than at a local maquis – a type of informal restaurant. Here, you can savor delicious local dishes while enjoying live performances. The rhythms of Burkina Faso will have you tapping your feet in no time!

8. Take a Day Trip to the Banfora Cascades

While not in Bobo itself, the Banfora Cascades are close enough to warrant a day trip. These stunning waterfalls are a refreshing retreat, especially during the hot months. You can swim in the natural pools or simply enjoy the beauty of the cascading water against the backdrop of lush vegetation.

9. Learn at the Artisanal Center

The Artisanal Center is a hub for local craftspeople. It’s a place where you can watch artisans at work and learn about their crafts. From woodcarving to weaving, the center is a Celebration of Bobo’s rich artisanal traditions. Plus, it’s an excellent spot to pick up unique gifts and keepsakes.

10. Cycle Around the City

For a different perspective, rent a bike and cycle around Bobo. It’s an eco-friendly way to see the city at your own pace. You’ll uncover hidden gems that you might miss by car or on foot. Plus, it’s a great way to mingle with locals, who often favor bicycles as their mode of transport.


  • What’s the best time to visit Bobo-Dioulasso?

    The best time to visit is during the cooler months from November to February. The weather is more pleasant, making it ideal for exploring the city.

  • Is Bobo-Dioulasso safe for tourists?

    Bobo is generally safe for tourists, but like any city, it’s wise to take standard precautions. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid walking alone at night in unfamiliar areas.

  • Can I get by with English in Bobo-Dioulasso?

    French is the official language, and while some locals may speak English, it’s not widely used. Learning a few basic French phrases can go a long way in enhancing your experience.


In Bobo-Dioulasso, every step is a dance with history and every corner sings with culture. From the architectural splendor of the Grand Mosque to the rhythmic beats at a local maquis, Bobo offers a symphony of experiences. Whether you’re soaking in the tranquility of Koko Lagoon or bargaining at the bustling market, you’re partaking in the essence of Burkina Faso’s enchanting spirit. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in the heart of West Africa.

Remember, Bobo-Dioulasso isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey through time, tradition, and the soul of a people. And who knows? You might just find a piece of yourself along the cobblestone paths and in the smiles of the locals. Bon voyage!

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