The 10 Best Places To Visit In Sendai

Ah, Sendai, the City of Trees! It’s a place where history and modernity dance together amidst lush green boulevards. I’ve strolled through its streets, marveled at its sites, and I’m thrilled to share with you the gems that make this city a must-visit. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just in need of a breath of fresh air, Sendai has something special for you.

1. Zuihoden Mausoleum

Our first stop is the resting place of Date Masamune, the legendary one-eyed dragon of the Warring States period. Zuihoden Mausoleum is a masterpiece of Japanese architecture, with its vivid colors and intricate carvings. The tranquility here is palpable, and the surrounding cryptomeria trees add to the serene atmosphere. It’s a spot where you can feel the weight of history and the peace of nature all at once.

2. Matsushima Bay

Just a stone’s throw from Sendai, Matsushima Bay is considered one of Japan’s three most scenic views. With over 260 Pine-clad islets, it’s a sight to behold. Take a boat tour and let the salty breeze invigorate you. The view from Godaido Temple, perched on a small island, is particularly breathtaking. It’s a place that’s etched in my memory for its sheer beauty.

3. Sendai Tanabata Festival

If you’re visiting in August, you’re in for a treat. The Sendai Tanabata Festival fills the city with vibrant streamers and traditional decorations. It’s a cultural extravaganza that brings the folklore of star-crossed lovers to life. The energy is infectious, and the colorful displays are a feast for the eyes. It’s a Celebration that truly captures the spirit of Sendai.

4. Jozenji Street

For a leisurely stroll, Jozenji Street is the place to be. Lined with zelkova trees, this boulevard transforms with the seasons. In autumn, the golden leaves create a canopy of warmth. Come December, the Sendai Pageant of Starlight turns it into a twinkling wonderland. It’s a perfect example of how Sendai harmonizes urban life with nature’s charm.

5. Aoba Castle Ruins

Perched atop Aobayama hill, the Aoba Castle Ruins offer a panoramic view of the city. While the castle itself no longer stands, the stone walls and statues of Date Masamune speak volumes of its past glory. It’s a place where you can ponder the passage of time while gazing out over Sendai.

6. Gyutan Street

Foodies, rejoice! Gyutan, or grilled beef tongue, is Sendai’s culinary claim to fame. Gyutan Street is a gastronomic haven where you can savor this local delicacy. Each restaurant has its own secret recipe, and trust me, your taste buds will thank you for the experience.

7. Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

For a dive into marine life, the Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium is a splash hit. It’s home to a kaleidoscope of sea creatures, from playful penguins to ethereal jellyfish. The dolphin shows are a crowd-pleaser, and the touch pools offer a hands-on encounter with sea life. It’s a place that’s both educational and enchanting.

8. Rinnoji Temple

Rinnoji Temple is a haven of calm in the heart of Sendai. With its stunning garden and the 1,000-armed Kannon statue, it’s a spiritual retreat that soothes the soul. The temple’s history stretches back over 700 years, making it a bridge to the past in this ever-evolving city.

9. Sendai City Museum

To delve deeper into Sendai’s rich history, the Sendai City Museum is your go-to. It houses artifacts related to the Date clan and offers insights into the city’s samurai heritage. The museum’s exhibits are a testament to Sendai’s resilience and cultural significance.

10. Michinoku Lakeside Park

Last but not least, Michinoku Lakeside Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. With its sprawling lawns, seasonal flowers, and tranquil lake, it’s a picturesque escape from the urban hustle. Whether you’re up for a picnic or a leisurely bike ride, this park offers a refreshing dose of nature.


  • What’s the best time to visit Sendai?

    Sendai is charming year-round, but the summer months are particularly vibrant due to the Tanabata Festival. Autumn is also stunning with its foliage.

  • Is Sendai tourist-friendly?

    Absolutely! The city is well-equipped for tourists, with English signage and helpful information centers.

  • Can I get around Sendai easily without a car?

    Yes, Sendai’s public transportation is efficient, and most attractions are accessible by bus or subway.


Sendai, with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, offers an array of experiences that are both enriching and delightful. From the solemnity of Zuihoden Mausoleum to the lively streets during the Tanabata Festival, there’s a slice of Sendai for every traveler. The city’s culinary delights, scenic spots, and historical landmarks make it a treasure trove of Japanese heritage. So pack your bags and set your sights on Sendai – a city that’s sure to capture your heart and fill your camera roll with memories to last a lifetime.

Remember, whether you’re gazing at the serene islets of Matsushima Bay or savoring the unique taste of gyutan, Sendai’s charm is in its ability to offer moments of discovery around every corner. It’s a city that deserves a top spot on your travel list, and I can’t wait for you to explore its wonders.

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