The 10 Best Places To Visit In New Orleans

Ah, New Orleans – a city that dances to the beat of its own drum. The Big Easy, where the air is thick with the scent of magnolias and a hint of mischief. It’s a place where history whispers from every corner, and the music never stops. I’ve strolled through these streets, sipped the chicory-laced coffee, and let the rhythms of jazz wash over me. And let me tell you, there’s no place quite like it.

French Quarter: The Heartbeat of New Orleans

First up, the French Quarter. This historic heart of the city is where you’ll feel New Orleans’ pulse. With its vibrant architecture and the ever-present sound of jazz, it’s a feast for the senses. Stroll down Bourbon Street, where the party never ends, or find solace in the serene Jackson Square. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a beignet from Café du Monde – it’s a little bite of heaven.

Garden District: A Stroll Through Time

Next, take a streetcar ride to the Garden District. Here, time seems to stand still among the antebellum mansions and Moss-draped oaks. It’s a neighborhood that tells tales of old Southern charm. The Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, resting place of many a historic figure, is a must-see. It’s a hauntingly beautiful tableau that captivates photographers and history buffs alike.

The National WWII Museum: A Journey Through History

For a poignant trip back in time, The National WWII Museum is unparalleled. It’s not just a collection of artifacts; it’s an immersive experience. You’ll hear stories of heroism and heartbreak that bring the era to life. Trust me, it’s an emotional journey that stays with you long after you leave.

New Orleans City Park: An Urban Oasis

Need a break from the hustle? New Orleans City Park is your go-to. It’s an urban oasis larger than New York’s Central Park! Here, you can paddle on tranquil lakes or marvel at the art in the New Orleans Museum of Art. The park’s ancient live oaks, with their sprawling limbs, are a sight to behold.

Frenchmen Street: The Real Music Scene

When the sun sets, head to Frenchmen Street. It’s where locals go for the real music scene. The street is lined with intimate jazz clubs that offer a more authentic experience than the tourist-heavy Bourbon Street. The Spotted Cat Music Club is a personal favorite – the energy there is infectious!

The Bywater: A Neighborhood of Colorful Charm

The Bywater, a neighborhood brimming with colorful houses and bohemian vibes, is a hidden gem. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but that’s part of its charm. The streets are lined with art and murals that tell the story of the city’s vibrant culture. And the food? Divine. Try the local eateries for some down-home Creole cooking.

Preservation Hall: Keeping Jazz Alive

Speaking of culture, Preservation Hall is where New Orleans’ musical heritage thrives. It’s a humble venue dedicated to preserving the spirit of jazz. The musicians here play with a passion that’s palpable. There’s no amplification, no frills – just pure, unadulterated jazz. It’s an experience that’s as real as it gets.

Royal Street: An Art Lover’s Delight

Art enthusiasts, Royal Street is your haven. This charming thoroughfare is lined with galleries showcasing incredible local art. From antiques to modern pieces, there’s something to catch every eye. It’s a quieter alternative to Bourbon Street but no less enchanting.

Steamboat Natchez: A Nostalgic River Ride

For a taste of nostalgia, hop aboard the Steamboat Natchez. It’s one of the last remaining authentic steamboats on the Mississippi River. The calliope music and churning paddle wheels take you back to a bygone era. The river views? Absolutely stunning.

The Voodoo Museum: A Peek into the Mystical

Last but not least, the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum offers a peek into the mystical. Voodoo is a significant part of the city’s lore, and this museum gives you a fascinating insight into its practices and history. It’s small but packed with intrigue.


  • What’s the best time to visit New Orleans?

    Spring and fall are ideal, with pleasant weather and a lineup of festivals. Just watch out for Mardi Gras if crowds aren’t your thing!

  • Is New Orleans family-friendly?

    Absolutely! While it’s known for its nightlife, there’s plenty for families to enjoy, from parks to interactive museums.

  • How do I get around the city?

    The streetcars aren’t just charming; they’re practical. Plus, much of the city is walkable, and ride-sharing is readily available.


In New Orleans, every corner sings a story, and every meal is a Celebration. From the historic French Quarter to the soulful tunes of Frenchmen Street, the city offers a mosaic of experiences. Whether you’re soaking in the arts on Royal Street or delving into the mystical at the Voodoo Museum, you’re part of the city’s living, breathing tapestry. So, pack your bags, bring your appetite for life, and let New Orleans work its magic on you. After all, there’s no place like Nola.

Remember, these are just a few highlights. The real magic of New Orleans is in its ability to surprise you with moments of joy and discovery around every corner. So, go ahead, explore, and let the Crescent City capture your heart.

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