The 10 Best Places To Visit In Naucalpan de Juárez

Imagine a place where the hustle of city life meets the tranquility of nature, where cultural heritage and modern amenities blend seamlessly. That’s Naucalpan de Juárez for you, a gem tucked away in the State of Mexico. It’s a city that often flies under the radar, but let me tell you, it’s brimming with spots that’ll make your heart sing. So, grab your walking shoes and a sense of adventure, because we’re about to dive into the 10 best places that Naucalpan has to offer.

Los Remedios National Park

First up is Los Remedios National Park, a lush expanse that’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally. It’s a haven for joggers, families, and anyone looking to escape the city’s buzz. With trails winding through eucalyptus forests and the occasional market where you can snag local crafts, it’s a slice of paradise. And if you’re into panoramic views, the climb to the top is a must. Trust me, the cityscape from up there is nothing short of spectacular.

Naucalli Park

Next on our list is Naucalli Park, a local favorite for a reason. It’s a sprawling park that’s got something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a picnic, a soccer match, or a concert at the open-air theater, Naucalli has you covered. And for the kiddos? There’s a whole section with games and rides that’ll keep them entertained for hours on end.

Miraflores Lake

Now, let’s talk about Miraflores Lake. It’s a tranquil spot that’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or a paddleboat ride. Surrounded by greenery, it’s a picturesque setting for a day out with friends or that special someone. And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a local fishing competition in action!

Industrial Alce Blanco

For a change of pace, head over to Industrial Alce Blanco. It’s a bustling area that’s a testament to Naucalpan’s economic growth. Here, you’ll find a mix of factories, warehouses, and some of the best street food around. Don’t miss out on the tacos and tamales; they’re to die for!

Museo de Cera

Art buffs, rejoice! The Museo de Cera is a quirky spot that’s sure to pique your interest. With lifelike wax figures of celebrities and historical figures, it’s like stepping into a different world. Snap a selfie with your favorite star, or learn a thing or two about Mexico’s rich history.

Plaza Satélite

Shopaholics, take note. Plaza Satélite is a shopping Mecca that’s not to be missed. With hundreds of stores, you’ll find everything from high-end brands to unique local boutiques. And when you need a break from the retail therapy, there are plenty of eateries to choose from. Whether you’re craving sushi or a hearty steak, you’ll find it here.

Parroquia de San Luis Gonzaga

History enthusiasts, you’ll want to check out Parroquia de San Luis Gonzaga. This stunning church is a masterpiece of colonial architecture. Its intricate facade and peaceful interior are a testament to the city’s cultural heritage. Take a moment to soak in the tranquility, or attend a service to experience local customs firsthand.

Cerro de Moctezuma

Adventure seekers, Cerro de Moctezuma awaits. It’s a challenging hike, but the views from the top are worth every step. You’ll be treated to a 360-degree view of Naucalpan and beyond. And keep an eye out for the local wildlife; it’s not uncommon to spot hawks soaring overhead.

Toreo Parque Central

Back in the heart of the city, Toreo Parque Central is a modern marvel. This complex is a hub of activity, with its sleek shopping center, office buildings, and entertainment options. Catch a movie, indulge in gourmet dining, or simply people-watch in the plaza. It’s urban living at its finest.

Jardines de San Mateo

Last but not least, Jardines de San Mateo is a charming neighborhood that’s full of character. Stroll through its streets lined with quaint houses and blooming gardens. It’s a peaceful retreat that’s perfect for an afternoon wander. And don’t forget to stop by the local bakery for some delicious pastries!


  • What’s the best time of year to visit Naucalpan de Juárez?

    Spring and fall are ideal, thanks to the mild weather. But honestly, Naucalpan’s charm shines year-round.

  • Are there any festivals in Naucalpan de Juárez worth seeing?

    Absolutely! The Feria de San Isidro is a cultural extravaganza that takes place in May. It’s a riot of color, music, and dance.

  • Is Naucalpan de Juárez family-friendly?

    Without a doubt! Parks like Naucalli are perfect for a family day out, and many attractions cater to all ages.


Naucalpan de Juárez is a city of contrasts, where every corner holds a new discovery. From the serene landscapes of Los Remedios National Park to the vibrant streets of Industrial Alce Blanco, there’s a world of experiences waiting for you. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or shopping enthusiast, Naucalpan has something to tickle your fancy. So why not pack your bags and see for yourself? After all, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. And who knows, Naucalpan de Juárez might just become your new favorite chapter.

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