The 10 Best Places To Visit In Leipzig

Leipzig, a city with a rich cultural tapestry and a vibrant history, is a hidden gem in the heart of Germany. It’s a place where the old intertwines with the new, creating a unique blend that beckons travelers from all corners of the globe. As someone who’s wandered through its charming streets and soaked up its eclectic atmosphere, I can’t help but share the top spots that make Leipzig an unforgettable destination.

1. Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Monument to the Battle of the Nations)

Standing tall as a testament to the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, the Völkerschlachtdenkmal is an awe-inspiring Monument. It’s not just its colossal structure that leaves visitors speechless; it’s the panoramic views of the city from the top that truly take your breath away. Climbing the steps to the viewing platform is a workout, but trust me, the vista is worth every step.

2. Leipzig Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Leipzig)

One of Europe’s most modern zoos, Leipzig Zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers. With themed worlds like the tropical Gondwanaland and the African Savannah, it’s a place where you can travel continents in just a few steps. The zoo’s commitment to conservation and education shines through, making it a delightful and enlightening experience for all ages.

3. St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche)

Music aficionados, rejoice! Thomaskirche isn’t just a stunning piece of Gothic architecture; it’s also the heart of Leipzig’s musical heritage. As the home of the St. Thomas Boys Choir and the final resting place of Johann Sebastian Bach, the church’s walls echo with centuries of musical brilliance. Attending a choir performance here is an experience that resonates deep within your soul.

4. The Spinnerei

Once a cotton mill, The Spinnerei has been transformed into a cultural hotspot. This sprawling complex is now home to art galleries, studios, and workshops. Strolling through its industrial halls, you’ll encounter contemporary art that challenges and inspires. It’s a testament to Leipzig’s ability to reinvent itself while honoring its past.

5. Leipzig Panometer

Imagine stepping into a 360-degree panoramic painting that transports you to another time and place. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at the Leipzig Panometer. Artist Yadegar Asisi’s creations are a feast for the senses, with each exhibition offering a new and immersive perspective on historical or natural wonders.

6. Auerbach’s Keller

No visit to Leipzig is complete without a meal at Auerbach’s Keller. Immortalized by Goethe in “Faust,” this historic restaurant serves up traditional Saxon fare in a setting that’s rich with legend. It’s a place where you can dine like German poets and philosophers of yore, savoring both the food and the folklore.

7. Bach Museum

For a deep dive into the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach, the Bach Museum is the place to be. Interactive exhibits and original manuscripts offer insights into the composer’s world. The museum’s Baroque garden is a serene spot to reflect on the musical genius that once walked these streets.

8. Leipzig’s Market Square (Marktplatz)

Leipzig’s Market Square is the beating heart of the city’s social life. Surrounded by Renaissance and Baroque buildings, it hosts a bustling market where you can find everything from fresh produce to local crafts. The Old Town Hall, with its striking façade, stands as a proud sentinel over the square’s lively happenings.

9. The Grassi Museum

Art, music, and ethnography converge at the Grassi Museum. Its trio of museums offers a cultural journey through time and space. Whether you’re marveling at ancient artifacts or admiring classical musical instruments, the Grassi Museum captivates with its diverse collections and beautifully curated exhibits.

10. Leipzig’s Waterways

Last but not least, Leipzig’s network of rivers and Canals offers a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. Renting a canoe or joining a boat tour gives you a fresh perspective on the city. Gliding through the waterways, you’ll discover hidden nooks and lush greenery that paint a picture of Leipzig’s natural charm.


  • What’s the best time to visit Leipzig?

    Spring and fall are ideal, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds. However, if you’re a fan of Christmas markets, December in Leipzig is magical.

  • Is Leipzig suitable for English-speaking visitors?

    Absolutely! Most signs are in both German and English, and many locals speak English, especially in tourist areas.

  • Can I explore Leipzig on foot?

    Yes, Leipzig is a very walkable city, and many of its attractions are within easy walking distance of each other.


Leipzig is a city that never fails to surprise. With its blend of historical significance and contemporary flair, it offers a rich tapestry of experiences for every traveler. From the towering Völkerschlachtdenkmal to the tranquil waterways, Leipzig’s attractions are as diverse as they are captivating. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or simply in search of a new adventure, Leipzig’s top 10 spots provide a glimpse into the soul of this dynamic city. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the wonders of Leipzig!

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