The 10 Best Places To Visit In Daejeon

Daejeon, South Korea’s fifth-largest city, is a treasure trove of discoveries, nestled comfortably in the heart of the country. It’s a place where science and nature live side by side, and where modernity meets tradition. If you’re planning a trip to this dynamic city, you’re in for a treat. From lush parks to cutting-edge science centers, Daejeon offers a unique blend of attractions that cater to all kinds of travelers. Let’s dive into the top 10 must-visit spots that will make your trip unforgettable.

1. Expo Park: A Glimpse into the Future

Remember the 1993 Daejeon Expo? The legacy lives on at Expo Park. This sprawling site is a nod to the city’s innovative spirit. The Hanbit Tower, with its panoramic views, is a must-see. Don’t miss the Expo Science Park, where you can indulge your inner geek with interactive exhibits.

2. Yuseong Hot Springs: Soak Your Worries Away

Imagine soaking in the therapeutic waters of Yuseong Hot Springs after a day of exploration. These natural hot Springs are renowned for their healing properties. The foot Bath park is a local favorite, where you can dip your toes for free.

3. Daejeon O-World: Thrills and Nature Combined

Seeking a dash of adrenaline? Daejeon O-World has got you covered. This theme park is home to thrilling rides and a zoo. The Flower Land section is a picturesque spot, perfect for a leisurely stroll among vibrant blooms.

4. National Science Museum: A Nerd’s Paradise

Science buffs, rejoice! The National Science Museum is a treasure trove of knowledge. With its vast array of exhibits, from space exploration to robotics, it’s a place where curiosity is king.

5. Daedeok Innopolis: The Silicon Valley of Korea

Daedeok Innopolis isn’t just for tech gurus. This high-tech cluster is a testament to Korea’s scientific prowess. The area’s serene environment, with its lush greenery, is surprisingly soothing for a casual visitor.

6. Jangtaesan Recreational Forest: A Breath of Fresh Air

Need to escape the city buzz? Jangtaesan Recreational Forest is your sanctuary. With its well-maintained trails and tranquil atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a rejuvenating hike.

7. Daejeon Art & Culture Complex: A Creative Hub

Art enthusiasts will find their bliss at the Daejeon Art & Culture Complex. This modern facility hosts a variety of exhibitions and performances that showcase the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

8. Ppuri Park: Celebrate Ancestral Roots

Ppuri Park is more than just a park. It’s a cultural experience that honors Korean family roots. The park’s sculptures and monuments are dedicated to surnames and their historical significance.

9. Skyroad & Euneungjeongi Street: Shop and Dine in Style

For a taste of Daejeon’s urban life, head to Skyroad and Euneungjeongi Street. This bustling area is lined with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options that will keep you busy for hours.

10. Hanbat Arboretum: Nature’s Palette

Last but not least, Hanbat Arboretum is a haven for nature lovers. As Korea’s largest man-made urban arboretum, it boasts an impressive collection of plants and themed gardens that change with the seasons.


  • What’s the best time to visit Daejeon?

    Spring and fall are ideal, with pleasant weather and beautiful foliage. However, Daejeon’s attractions are enjoyable year-round.

  • Is Daejeon suitable for family trips?

    Absolutely! With parks, museums, and family-friendly activities, there’s something for every age group.

  • How do I get around in Daejeon?

    The city has an efficient public transportation system, including buses and a subway. Taxis are also readily available.


Daejeon is a city that surprises at every turn. It’s a place where you can marvel at the wonders of science at Expo Park and the National Science Museum, unwind in the natural hot springs of Yuseong, and immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of Jangtaesan Recreational Forest and Hanbat Arboretum. The city’s blend of cultural experiences, from the Daejeon Art & Culture Complex to the ancestral homage of Ppuri Park, adds depth to your visit. And for those who crave urban excitement, Skyroad and Euneungjeongi Street offer a slice of the city’s modern vibrancy. Daejeon truly has it all, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a comprehensive experience that combines relaxation, education, and adventure.

Whether you’re a science enthusiast, a nature lover, or a culture vulture, Daejeon’s top attractions are sure to leave you with lasting memories. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore the best places this city has to offer!

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