The 10 Best Places To Visit In Brno

Brno, the Czech Republic’s second-largest city, is a gem often overshadowed by the grandeur of Prague. Yet, those who venture here are rewarded with a rich tapestry of sights and experiences. From the echoes of history to the pulse of modern life, Brno offers a delightful mix for travelers. Let’s dive into the top 10 must-visit spots that make this city unforgettable.

1. Špilberk Castle

Perched on a hill overlooking the city, Špilberk Castle is a fortress with a storied past. It’s a place where history buffs can spend hours exploring the old casemates and prison cells. The castle grounds are perfect for a leisurely stroll, offering panoramic views that are simply breathtaking.

2. Villa Tugendhat

Architecture enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an icon of modernist architecture by Mies Van der Rohe. The sleek design and innovative use of space are still influential today. Remember to book your tour in advance; this architectural masterpiece is in high demand.

3. Brno Underground

Below the city streets lies a labyrinth of tunnels and cellars, some dating back to the Middle Ages. The Brno Underground is a mysterious world waiting to be discovered. It’s a cool escape from the hustle and bustle above, and the guided tours are as enlightening as they are eerie.

4. Moravian Karst and Caves

Just a short drive from Brno, the Moravian Karst is a natural wonder that will leave you in awe. The network of caves, including the famous Punkva Caves, is a subterranean marvel. Don’t miss the boat ride on the underground river; it’s a surreal experience that feels like a journey to the center of the earth.

5. Brno Ossuary

Not for the faint-hearted, the Brno Ossuary is the second-largest ossuary in Europe. It’s a solemn reminder of the transient nature of life, with artistically arranged bones of over 50,000 people. The visit is a profound experience that resonates long after you’ve left its silent halls.

6. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

Dominating the skyline, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a Gothic beauty with a twist of Baroque. Climb the tower for another splendid view of the city. The cathedral’s bells, which ring at 11 am instead of noon, hold a quirky tale from the Thirty Years’ War that locals love to share.

7. Brno Reservoir

On a sunny day, the Brno Reservoir is a hub of relaxation and recreation. Whether you fancy a boat trip, a leisurely walk, or just lounging by the water, it’s a perfect spot to unwind. The surrounding cafes and restaurants serve up some delicious local fare, making it a great place to indulge.

8. Mendel Museum

Dedicated to the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, this museum is a fascinating tribute to his groundbreaking work. It’s housed in the Augustinian Abbey where Mendel conducted his experiments. The interactive exhibits make science fun and accessible for all ages.

9. Zelný trh (Cabbage Market)

Zelný trh is the city’s traditional market square, bustling with life and color. It’s where locals come to shop for fresh produce, flowers, and other goodies. The market is also surrounded by charming cafes and boutiques, making it a delightful place for a leisurely exploration.

10. Lužánky Park

Lužánky Park is Brno’s oldest public park and a testament to the city’s green spirit. It’s a serene oasis where you can jog, picnic, or simply enjoy a moment of peace. The park’s lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere provide a welcome respite from the urban environment.


  • What’s the best time to visit Brno?
    Spring and early fall are ideal, with pleasant weather and fewer tourists.
  • Is Brno suitable for English-speaking tourists?
    Absolutely! Many locals speak English, especially the younger crowd and those in the tourism industry.
  • Can you recommend a local dish to try in Brno?
    Definitely give svíčková a try – it’s a hearty beef dish with a creamy Sauce, often served with dumplings.


Brno is a city that may not be on every traveler’s radar, but it certainly deserves a spot. It’s a place where history, culture, and modern life blend seamlessly, offering a rich array of experiences. From the imposing Špilberk Castle to the tranquil Lužánky Park, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re delving into the depths of the Brno Underground or marveling at the modernist lines of Villa Tugendhat, you’re sure to leave with memories that last a lifetime. So pack your bags, and get ready to discover the best places to visit in Brno – a city that’s full of surprises.

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