The 10 Best Places To Visit In Baghdad

Baghdad, a city with a storied past, is like a living museum where every corner tells a tale. It’s a place where history and modernity intertwine, offering a unique travel experience. If you’re planning a trip to this ancient city, you’re in for a treat. From the remnants of the Abbasid Caliphate to the bustling streets of the modern-day, Baghdad is a treasure trove of cultural experiences. Let’s dive into the top 10 must-see spots that will give you a taste of Baghdad’s rich heritage and vibrant present.

1. The National Museum of Iraq

First on the list is the National Museum of Iraq. It’s a portal to the ancient civilizations that once thrived here. The museum houses artifacts from Mesopotamian, Babylonian, and Persian empires. You’ll be mesmerized by the cuneiform tablets and the imposing Assyrian winged bulls.

2. Al-Mutanabbi Street

Al-Mutanabbi Street is the heart of Baghdad’s literary scene. Named after the famous Arab poet, this street comes alive every Friday with a bustling book market. It’s a haven for book lovers and culture enthusiasts. You can find everything from rare manuscripts to contemporary novels.

3. Al-Kadhimiya Mosque

For a spiritual retreat, visit the Al-Kadhimiya Mosque. This stunning piece of architecture is a significant site for Shia Muslims. The mosque’s twin minarets and golden dome are a sight to behold, especially during the night when it’s all lit up.

4. Baghdad Tower

Seeking a bird’s eye view of the city? Head to the Baghdad Tower. Standing tall at 205 meters, it offers panoramic views that are second to None. It’s a great spot to snap some photos and get your bearings before exploring the city further.

5. Al-Shaheed Monument

The Al-Shaheed Monument, also known as the Martyr’s Memorial, is a striking landmark. It honors the soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war. The monument’s design is both modern and poignant, reflecting the country’s resilience.

6. The Abbasid Palace

Step back in time at the Abbasid Palace. It’s one of the few remaining buildings from the Abbasid era. The palace’s intricate brickwork and Islamic calligraphy are a testament to the architectural prowess of the time.

7. Al-Zawra Park

Need a break from the hustle and bustle? Al-Zawra Park is your go-to spot. It’s Baghdad’s largest park and offers a tranquil escape with its lush greenery and amusement park. It’s perfect for a family outing or a leisurely stroll.

8. The Baghdad Zoo

Located within Al-Zawra Park, the Baghdad Zoo is a delightful surprise. It has made a remarkable comeback since the war and now hosts a variety of animals. It’s a fun visit for those traveling with kids or animal enthusiasts.

9. The Unknown Soldier Monument

The Unknown Soldier Monument is not just a memorial; it’s a piece of art. Designed by Iraqi sculptor, Ismail Fatah Al Turk, it represents the sacrifices of the Iraqi soldiers. The monument’s unique design and the surrounding gardens are quite moving.

10. The Mutanabbi Statue

Rounding off the list is the statue of Al-Mutanabbi. It’s a fitting tribute to the poet who has given the famous street its name. The statue is a popular meeting point and offers a glimpse into the city’s respect for its literary heroes.


  • What is the best time to visit Baghdad?

    The ideal time to visit Baghdad is during spring (March to May) or autumn (October to November). The weather is pleasant, making it perfect for sightseeing.

  • Is it safe to travel to Baghdad?

    Safety has improved, but it’s always wise to check current travel advisories and consult with local guides before planning your trip.

  • Can I visit historical sites without a guide?

    While it’s possible, hiring a local guide can enrich your experience. They provide insights and historical context that you might otherwise miss.


In conclusion, Baghdad is a city that’s brimming with history, culture, and beauty. From the National Museum of Iraq to the vibrant Al-Mutanabbi Street, each location offers a unique window into the soul of this ancient city. Whether you’re marveling at the architectural splendor of the Al-Kadhimiya Mosque or soaking in the panoramic views from the Baghdad Tower, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring experiences. The city’s resilience shines through in landmarks like the Al-Shaheed Monument and the Unknown Soldier Monument, while places like Al-Zawra Park provide a peaceful respite from urban life. Baghdad is a city that has weathered many storms, yet stands proudly, inviting travelers to explore its many wonders. So pack your bags, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Iraq.

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