The 10 Best Neighborhoods In Union County, Pennsylvania

Union County, Pennsylvania, is a hidden gem in the heart of the Keystone State. With its rich history, scenic landscapes, and friendly communities, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this charming region. As a seasoned real estate expert, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the many neighborhoods that make up Union County. So, let’s dive in and discover the 10 best neighborhoods in Union County, Pennsylvania. 🏡

1. Lewisburg

First on our list is Lewisburg, a vibrant town known for its historic charm and cultural richness. Home to Bucknell University, Lewisburg offers a unique blend of academic energy and small-town tranquility. With its well-preserved Victorian architecture and bustling downtown area, it’s a haven for history buffs and foodies alike.

2. Mifflinburg

Next up is Mifflinburg, fondly referred to as “Buggy Town” due to its history as a major manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages. Today, Mifflinburg is a family-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community and an array of annual events, including the popular Christkindl Market.

3. New Berlin

New Berlin, the county’s oldest borough, is a quaint and quiet neighborhood. Known for its annual New Berlin Day, this community offers a peaceful lifestyle with easy access to outdoor recreational activities like hiking and fishing.

4. Winfield

Winfield is a small, tight-knit community that prides itself on its rural charm and friendly residents. With its excellent school system and low crime rate, it’s an ideal place for families.

5. Hartleton

Hartleton, a borough nestled in the heart of Union County, is known for its picturesque landscapes and serene environment. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking a slower pace of life.

6. Laurelton

Laurelton, located in the western part of the county, is a nature lover’s paradise. With its proximity to Bald Eagle State Forest, residents can enjoy hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing right in their backyard.

7. Millmont

Millmont is a rural community that offers a laid-back lifestyle. With its rolling hills and farmland, it’s a great place for those who appreciate the beauty of the countryside.

8. Vicksburg

Vicksburg is a small village that exudes a warm, welcoming vibe. It’s a great place to settle down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

9. Linntown

Linntown, a suburb of Lewisburg, offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. With its convenient location and excellent amenities, it’s a popular choice among homebuyers.

10. West Milton

Rounding out our list is West Milton, a peaceful community with a rich history. Its close-knit community and tranquil environment make it a great place to call home.


Q: What is the most populated neighborhood in Union County?
A: Lewisburg is the most populated neighborhood in Union County.

Q: Which neighborhood is best for families in Union County?
A: Winfield is often considered the best neighborhood for families due to its excellent school system and low crime rate.

Q: Which neighborhood is best for outdoor activities in Union County?
A: Laurelton, with its proximity to Bald Eagle State Forest, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.


Union County, Pennsylvania, is a region filled with diverse neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm and lifestyle. From the historic allure of Lewisburg to the rural tranquility of Millmont, there’s a neighborhood to suit every preference. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a real estate investor, or simply looking for a change of scenery, Union County is a place worth considering. 🏞️

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