The 10 Best Neighborhoods In Hood River County, Oregon

As an experienced real estate expert, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the diverse neighborhoods of Hood River County, Oregon. This scenic county, nestled in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and vibrant communities. Let’s dive into the top 10 neighborhoods that make Hood River County a fantastic place to live, work, and play. 🏞️

1. Downtown Hood River

First on our list is Downtown Hood River, the county’s bustling hub. Known for its charming boutiques, art galleries, and farm-to-table restaurants, this neighborhood is perfect for those who love a vibrant, walkable community. Plus, with the Columbia River just a stone’s throw away, water sports enthusiasts will be in their element. 🏄‍♀️

2. The Heights

Next up is The Heights, a residential area offering stunning views of the Columbia River and Mount Hood. With its quiet streets, spacious homes, and proximity to schools, it’s a popular choice for families. 🏡

3. Odell

Odell is a rural neighborhood known for its apple, pear, and cherry orchards. If you’re seeking a peaceful, country lifestyle with plenty of space to roam, Odell could be your perfect match. 🍎

4. Parkdale

Located at the base of Mount Hood, Parkdale offers breathtaking mountain views and easy access to hiking and skiing. It’s a small, tight-knit community with a laid-back vibe. 🏔️

5. Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks is a historic riverfront community with a rich Native American and pioneer history. It’s also home to the Bridge of the Gods, a must-see local landmark. 🌉

6. Pine Grove

Pine Grove is a rural neighborhood with a mix of farmland and forest. It’s a great spot for those seeking tranquility and a close connection with nature. 🌲

7. Mount Hood

Mount Hood is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with world-class skiing, hiking, and fishing. The neighborhood also boasts a variety of cozy cabins and lodges. 🎿

8. Dee

Dee is a small, quiet neighborhood surrounded by orchards and vineyards. It’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the slower pace of country living. 🍇

9. Rockford

Rockford is a residential neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It’s close to schools, parks, and shopping, making it a convenient choice for families. 🛍️

10. Wyeth

Finally, we have Wyeth, a secluded neighborhood nestled in the forest. With its stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. 🦌


  • What is the cost of living in Hood River County? The cost of living in Hood River County is slightly higher than the national average, mainly due to housing costs. However, many residents feel the high quality of life and natural beauty of the area make it worth the cost.
  • What is the weather like in Hood River County? Hood River County experiences a temperate climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The area is known for its strong winds, making it a popular destination for wind sports.
  • What are the job opportunities in Hood River County? Hood River County has a diverse economy with job opportunities in agriculture, tourism, healthcare, and education.


In conclusion, Hood River County, Oregon, is a diverse and vibrant area that offers a range of neighborhoods to suit every lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a bustling downtown, a peaceful rural retreat, or a mountainous outdoor playground, you’ll find it here. With its stunning natural beauty, friendly communities, and high quality of life, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to call Hood River County home. 🏠

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