The 10 Best Neighborhoods In Coffee County, Tennessee

Discovering the 10 Best Neighborhoods in Coffee County, Tennessee

As a seasoned real estate expert, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring many corners of the United States. But there’s something uniquely charming about Coffee County, Tennessee. Nestled in the heart of the Volunteer State, this county is a blend of Southern hospitality, rich history, and scenic beauty. But what makes it truly stand out are its neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and charm. So, let’s take a virtual tour of the 10 best neighborhoods in coffee County, shall we? 🏡

1. Tullahoma

First on our list is Tullahoma, a city that perfectly balances small-town charm with big-city amenities. Known for its thriving arts scene and excellent schools, it’s a great place for families and young professionals alike. Plus, with the George Dickel Distillery and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery nearby, it’s a whiskey lover’s paradise! 🥃

2. Manchester

Next up is Manchester, the county seat of Coffee County. This city is famous for hosting the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, attracting music lovers from all over the world. But beyond the festival, Manchester offers a peaceful, family-friendly environment with a low cost of living and a strong sense of community.

3. Hillsboro

Hillsboro might be small, but it’s packed with history and charm. This village is home to the historic Short Springs Natural Area, making it a haven for nature lovers. Plus, its close-knit community and quiet, rural setting make it an ideal place for those seeking a slower pace of life.

4. New Union

New Union is a hidden gem in Coffee County. With its top-rated schools, low crime rate, and friendly community, it’s a great place to raise a family. Plus, its proximity to both Tullahoma and Manchester means you’re never far from amenities and entertainment.

5. Lakewood Park

If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, look no further than Lakewood Park. This small town is known for its annual events like the Christmas Parade and Easter Egg Hunt, which bring residents together throughout the year. Plus, its beautiful lake and park make it a picturesque place to call home.

6. Noah

Noah is a rural community that offers a peaceful, country living experience. With its rolling hills, open fields, and friendly neighbors, it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

7. Summitville

Summitville is a small town with a big heart. Known for its welcoming community and quiet, rural setting, it’s a great place to settle down and enjoy the simpler things in life.

8. Beechgrove

Beechgrove is a charming community located near the Rutherford County line. With its scenic beauty, friendly residents, and easy access to Interstate 24, it’s a convenient and attractive place to live.

9. Shady Grove

Shady Grove is a rural community that offers a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. With its beautiful landscapes and close-knit community, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

10. Pocahontas

Last but not least, Pocahontas is a small community located near the Duck River. Known for its rich history and beautiful scenery, it’s a great place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.


What is the largest city in Coffee County?

The largest city in Coffee County is Tullahoma, which is also one of the most popular neighborhoods in the county.

What is Coffee County known for?

Coffee County is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester.

Is Coffee County a good place to live?

Yes, Coffee County is a great place to live. It offers a variety of neighborhoods to suit different lifestyles, from bustling cities to peaceful rural communities.


From the vibrant city life of Tullahoma and Manchester to the peaceful rural charm of Hillsboro and Noah, Coffee County, Tennessee, offers a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit every lifestyle. Whether you’re a music lover, a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a whiskey connoisseur, you’re sure to find a neighborhood that feels like home in Coffee County. So why not take a closer look? You might just find your dream home in one of these top 10 neighborhoods. 🏡

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