The 10 Best Neighborhoods In Braxton County, West Virginia

Discovering the 10 Best Neighborhoods in Braxton County, West Virginia

As a seasoned real estate expert, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring many corners of the United States. But there’s something uniquely charming about Braxton County, West Virginia. Nestled in the heart of Appalachia, this county is a hidden gem, boasting a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a close-knit community. Let’s dive into the top 10 neighborhoods that make Braxton County a fantastic place to call home. 🏡

1. Sutton

As the county seat, Sutton is the beating heart of Braxton County. It’s a vibrant community with a rich history, reflected in its well-preserved Victorian-era architecture. The Sutton Lake, a popular spot for fishing and boating, adds to the town’s charm. 🎣

2. Gassaway

Known for its annual 4th of July Celebration, Gassaway is a lively neighborhood with a strong sense of community. The town’s well-maintained parks and recreational facilities make it a great place for families. 🎆

3. Flatwoods

Flatwoods is a peaceful neighborhood that offers a slower pace of life. It’s home to the famous Braxton County Monster Museum, making it a fun place for those with a taste for the unusual. 👽

4. Burnsville

Burnsville is a nature lover’s paradise. With the Burnsville Lake and the adjacent state park, residents have ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and bird watching. 🏕️

5. Frametown

Frametown is a small, tight-knit community that exudes a warm, welcoming vibe. It’s the perfect place for those seeking a quiet, rural lifestyle. 🌳

6. Heaters

Heaters is a quaint neighborhood with a rich Coal mining history. The community is small but friendly, making it a great place for those who value close connections with their neighbors. ⛏️

7. Little Birch

Little Birch is a serene neighborhood surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking solitude and tranquility. 🌲

8. Napier

Napier is a charming neighborhood with a strong agricultural heritage. The community is known for its annual Harvest Festival, which celebrates the bounty of the land. 🌽

9. Strange Creek

Strange Creek is a unique neighborhood with a fascinating history. The community is small, but its residents are known for their hospitality and friendliness. 🏞️

10. Wilsie

Wilsie is a quiet neighborhood that offers a relaxed, rural lifestyle. It’s a great place for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. 🌾


What is the cost of living in Braxton County?

The cost of living in Braxton County is lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to live. 🏠

What is the weather like in Braxton County?

Braxton County experiences all four seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. The fall foliage is particularly stunning. 🍁

What are the job opportunities in Braxton County?

Braxton County has a diverse economy with opportunities in sectors like healthcare, education, and manufacturing. 🏭


Braxton County, West Virginia, is a place of rich history, stunning natural beauty, and close-knit communities. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking a peaceful, rural lifestyle, there’s a neighborhood in Braxton County that’s perfect for you. From the vibrant community of Sutton to the tranquil hills of Little Birch, each neighborhood offers a unique slice of Appalachian life. So, why not consider making Braxton County your next home? 🏡

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