The 10 Best Museums in Spokane

Spokane, nestled in the heart of the Inland Northwest, is a treasure trove of culture and history. It’s a place where the past is not only preserved but celebrated in a variety of fascinating museums that cater to all sorts of interests. Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or science enthusiast, Spokane’s museums offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry that makes up this vibrant city.

One of the crown jewels of Spokane’s cultural scene is the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Known to locals as the MAC, this museum is a hub of regional history, art, and Native American heritage. With its ever-rotating exhibits and a vast collection of artifacts, the MAC provides an immersive experience that’s both educational and entertaining.

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Let’s dive deeper into the MAC. This museum isn’t just a building; it’s a campus that includes the historic Campbell House, a library, and an outdoor amphitheater. The exhibits range from contemporary art to historical displays that tell the story of the Inland Northwest. The museum’s collection of Plateau Native American objects is particularly impressive, showcasing intricate beadwork, basketry, and other artifacts.

Mobius Science Center

For those with a curious mind, the Mobius Science Center is a must-visit. It’s a hands-on wonderland where science comes to life through interactive exhibits and live demonstrations. Kids and adults alike can explore the laws of physics, get up close with technology, and even step into the shoes of an astronaut for a day.

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

History takes center stage at the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum. This museum tells the story of the Spokane Valley from its early Native American inhabitants to the modern-day city. The museum’s collection includes photographs, artifacts, and personal accounts that paint a vivid picture of The Valley’s evolution.

Cheney Historical Museum

Small but mighty, the Cheney Historical Museum is a gem that offers a glimpse into the life of early settlers in the region. The museum’s collection includes household items, farming equipment, and photographs that tell the story of Cheney’s development from a frontier town to a thriving community.

Jundt Art Museum

Art lovers rejoice at the Jundt Art Museum located on the beautiful campus of Gonzaga University. The museum features a diverse collection of works, from Renaissance prints to modern sculptures. The Jundt’s exhibitions are thoughtfully curated, often featuring works by both renowned and emerging artists.

The Campbell House

Adjacent to the MAC, The Campbell House is a peek into Spokane’s high society at the turn of the 20th century. This beautifully preserved home offers a detailed look at the lives of one of Spokane’s most prominent families, complete with original furnishings and decor.

Spokane Fire Department Museum

For a unique experience, the Spokane Fire Department Museum ignites interest with its collection of vintage fire trucks and firefighting equipment. The museum honors the bravery of firefighters and educates visitors on the evolution of firefighting techniques over the years.

The Bing Crosby House

Music fans can’t miss The Bing Crosby House, the childhood home of the legendary singer and actor. The house is filled with memorabilia from Crosby’s illustrious career, including gold records, photographs, and personal items that offer insight into his life and work.

Spokane Law Enforcement Museum

The Spokane Law Enforcement Museum is a fascinating stop for those interested in the history of policing. With artifacts dating back to the 1800s, the museum showcases the evolution of law enforcement in Spokane and the challenges officers have faced throughout history.

The Museum of Children’s Arts

Last but not least, The Museum of Children’s Arts (MOCHA) is a vibrant space where creativity is encouraged and celebrated. With interactive exhibits and workshops, MOCHA is a place where children can express themselves and explore the world of art in a supportive environment.


  • Are these museums suitable for children?
    Absolutely! Many of Spokane’s museums offer interactive exhibits and activities designed with kids in mind. The Mobius Science Center and The Museum of Children’s Arts, in particular, are geared towards younger visitors.
  • Do any of these museums offer free admission?
    Yes, some museums in Spokane have specific days or times when admission is free or by donation. It’s best to check their official websites for the most up-to-date information on admission policies.
  • Can I purchase a pass that includes multiple museums?
    While there isn’t a city-wide museum pass, some museums offer joint ticketing options or membership deals that provide access to multiple venues. Again, checking the individual museum websites will give you the best information.


Spokane’s museums are not just repositories of artifacts; they’re vibrant institutions that bring history, art, and science to life. From the comprehensive Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture to the intimate Cheney Historical Museum, there’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top 10 museums offer a deeper understanding of Spokane’s unique culture and history. So next time you’re in town, why not take a walk through the corridors of time and immerse yourself in the stories these museums have to tell? You’re sure to come away with newfound appreciation and perhaps a story or two of your own to share.

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