The 10 Best Museums in Naucalpan de Juárez

When you think of Naucalpan de Juárez, museums might not be the first thing that Springs to mind. But let me tell you, this vibrant city on the outskirts of Mexico City is a hidden gem for culture vultures and history buffs alike. From contemporary art to historical treasures, Naucalpan’s museums offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich tapestry of Mexican heritage. So, grab your walking shoes and let’s embark on a journey through the 10 best museums this city has to offer.

1. Museo Soumaya Plaza Carso

Just a stone’s throw from Naucalpan, Museo Soumaya Plaza Carso is an architectural marvel that houses a private collection of over 66,000 works of art. The shimmering, silver structure is as captivating as the masterpieces it contains. Inside, you’ll find works by European masters, Mexican artists, and a vast array of decorative arts. It’s a place where Rodin’s sculptures meet the canvases of Dalí, creating a dialogue across time and space.

2. Museo Nacional de Antropología

Although not within Naucalpan’s borders, the Museo Nacional de Antropología is a must-visit for anyone interested in the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico. It’s a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, including the iconic Aztec Sun Stone. The museum’s design, with its lush gardens and open spaces, encourages reflection on Mexico’s ancestral roots.

3. Museo Jumex

For a taste of contemporary art, Museo Jumex is the place to be. It’s a beacon of modern creativity, showcasing cutting-edge works from around the globe. The museum’s collection is dynamic, often featuring thought-provoking exhibitions that challenge the status quo. It’s a space where art meets social commentary, and visitors are invited to engage in the conversation.

4. Museo de la Acuarela

In the heart of Naucalpan lies the Museo de la Acuarela, a quaint museum dedicated to the delicate art of watercolor. It’s a Celebration of color and technique, highlighting the works of Mexican watercolorists. The museum also offers workshops, making it a hub for both appreciation and creation of this often-overlooked medium.

5. Museo de Arte Moderno

Not far from Naucalpan, the Museo de Arte Moderno stands as a testament to the evolution of Mexican art. From the murals of Orozco to the surrealism of Remedios Varo, the museum offers a comprehensive overview of the country’s artistic movements. It’s a place where the past and present collide, offering a window into the soul of Mexican modernity.

6. Papalote Museo del Niño

Who says museums can’t be fun? Papalote Museo del Niño is an interactive playground where kids (and adults!) can learn through play. With hands-on exhibits covering science, technology, and the arts, it’s a place where curiosity is king. It’s a reminder that learning is a lifelong adventure, and it’s never too early (or too late) to start exploring.

7. Museo Anahuacalli

Diego Rivera’s legacy lives on at Museo Anahuacalli, a fortress-like structure that houses his collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts. The museum itself is a work of art, designed by Rivera and reflecting his vision of integrating art, culture, and nature. It’s a place where history is palpable, and the connection between Mexico’s past and its artistic heritage is celebrated.

8. Museo Frida Kahlo

Also known as La Casa Azul, the Museo Frida Kahlo is where the iconic artist lived and worked. It’s a deeply personal space that offers insight into her life, loves, and pain. The museum is a colorful oasis, with a garden that mirrors the vibrancy of Kahlo’s own works. It’s a pilgrimage site for art lovers and a poignant reminder of the power of resilience.

9. Museo de la Luz

Shedding light on the science of light, Museo de la Luz is an educational journey through optics, astronomy, and physics. It’s a place where visitors can play with shadows, Bend lasers, and understand the spectrum in a fun, interactive setting. It’s proof that science can be as captivating as art, and that both are essential to understanding our world.

10. Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia

Last but certainly not least, the Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia takes visitors on a sobering journey through human rights abuses and the importance of tolerance. It’s a museum with a Mission, aiming to educate and inspire action against indifference and injustice. It’s a powerful experience that leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that we all have a role to play in creating a more compassionate world.


  • Are these museums accessible to non-Spanish speakers?

    Yes, many of these museums offer information in both Spanish and English, and some even have guided tours in multiple languages.

  • Do these museums charge admission fees?

    Some museums have an admission fee, while others are free or have free days. It’s best to check their official websites for the most up-to-date information.

  • Are there any museums specifically for children in Naucalpan?

    While not exclusively in Naucalpan, Papalote Museo del Niño is a fantastic interactive museum for children and is easily accessible from Naucalpan.


Naucalpan de Juárez and its neighboring areas are brimming with cultural treasures that are often overshadowed by the more famous attractions of Mexico City. From the awe-inspiring collections of Museo Soumaya to the intimate setting of Museo de la Acuarela, there’s a museum for every taste and interest. These institutions not only preserve the past but also challenge us to think about our future. They’re places where art, history, science, and social issues intersect, offering visitors a rich tapestry of experiences. So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, make sure to add these top 10 museums to your itinerary. You’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for the cultural heartbeat of Naucalpan de Juárez.

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