The 10 Best Museums in Jeju

Jeju Island, a volcanic paradise off the southern coast of South Korea, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and, surprisingly, some of the most fascinating museums you’ll ever step foot in. Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or just looking for a unique way to spend the day, Jeju’s museums offer a little something for everyone. Let’s dive into the top 10 museums that are a must-visit on this enchanting island.

1. Jeju National Museum

For a deep dive into Jeju’s rich history and culture, the Jeju National Museum is your first stop. It’s a place where the island’s past comes alive through its extensive collection of artifacts. From Neolithic relics to Joseon Dynasty scrolls, each exhibit tells a story of the island’s unique heritage. The museum’s serene atmosphere and well-curated displays make it a perfect starting point for understanding Jeju’s roots.

2. Jeju Loveland

Now, for something completely different, Jeju Loveland is an outdoor sculpture park that’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s an adult-themed museum that explores the theme of love and sensuality with humor and artistry. The sculptures are bold, to say the least, and it’s a place that’ll either make you blush or laugh out loud. It’s certainly one of the most unconventional museums you’ll find on the island.

3. O’sulloc Tea Museum

Tea lovers, rejoice! The O’sulloc Tea Museum is a green tea haven nestled amidst sprawling tea fields. Here, you can learn about Korea’s traditional tea culture, enjoy a variety of tea tastings, and even take a stroll through the tranquil tea gardens. The museum’s modern architecture is a sight to behold, seamlessly blending with the natural landscape.

4. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum is a delightful spot that’ll bring out your inner child. It’s home to a vast collection of teddy bears from all over the world, some even dressed as famous historical figures. The museum also features special exhibits with bears posed in recreations of famous artworks and scenes from history.

5. Alive Museum Jeju

Get ready for some mind-bending fun at the Alive Museum Jeju. This interactive museum is filled with optical illusions and trick art that invite you to become part of the exhibit. Snap some hilarious photos as you pose with 3D paintings and installations that play with perspective and space. It’s a place where your imagination can run wild.

6. Jeju Haenyeo Museum

The Jeju Haenyeo Museum pays homage to the island’s iconic female divers, known as haenyeo, who have been harvesting seafood from the ocean without the use of breathing equipment for centuries. The museum showcases their unique way of life, diving practices, and the importance of this UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage. It’s a testament to the strength and spirit of Jeju’s women.

7. Jeju Folk Village Museum

Step back in time at the Jeju Folk Village Museum. This open-air museum recreates a traditional Jeju village, complete with thatched-roof houses, stone walls, and folk artifacts. It’s like walking through a living history book, offering insights into the daily lives of Jeju’s ancestors. Don’t miss the folk performances that bring The Village to life.

8. Seongeup Folklore Museum

Located within the Seongeup Folk Village, the Seongeup Folklore Museum further explores Jeju’s cultural heritage. The museum houses a collection of folk items and tools used by the villagers in their everyday lives. It’s a place where you can appreciate the simplicity and ingenuity of traditional Jeju life.

9. Jeju Glass Castle

The Jeju Glass Castle is a shimmering wonderland of glass art. From glass sculptures and installations to interactive exhibits, the museum showcases the versatility and beauty of glass as an artistic medium. The outdoor garden, with its glass-themed landscaping, is particularly enchanting.

10. Jeju World Automobile Museum

Car enthusiasts will be in heaven at the Jeju World Automobile Museum. This museum features a vast collection of vintage cars, classic models, and even some futuristic concept vehicles. The detailed exhibits provide a fascinating look at the evolution of the automobile and its impact on modern society.


  • What are the opening hours for the Jeju National Museum?

    The Jeju National Museum typically opens from 9 am to 5 pm, but it’s always best to check their official website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Is the Jeju Loveland suitable for children?

    No, Jeju Loveland is an adult-themed park and is not suitable for children. It’s recommended only for visitors who are 18 years and older.

  • Can you purchase tea from the O’sulloc Tea Museum?

    Yes, you can buy various types of tea and tea-related products from the museum’s gift shop. They make for great souvenirs or gifts.


Jeju Island’s museums are as diverse and captivating as the island itself. From the historical treasures at the Jeju National Museum to the quirky and interactive exhibits at the Alive Museum Jeju, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. Each museum offers a unique window into the island’s culture, history, and creativity, ensuring that visitors leave with not just memories, but also a deeper understanding of this magical place. So, when you’re planning your Jeju itinerary, make sure to carve out time for these top 10 museums – they’re truly the hidden gems of the island.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious explorer, Jeju’s museums promise to enrich your journey with moments of learning, laughter, and awe. So, pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and get ready to embark on a museum-hopping adventure that you won’t soon forget!

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