The 10 Best Museums in Feira de Santana

Feira de Santana, a bustling city in the heart of Bahia, Brazil, is a treasure trove of cultural delights, especially when it comes to its museums. Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or simply looking for a fascinating way to spend an afternoon, the city’s museums offer a window into the soul of Brazil. Let’s dive into the top 10 museums that are a must-visit in this vibrant city.

1. Museu Casa do Sertão

At the top of our list is the Museu Casa do Sertão. This museum is a homage to the sertanejo, the people of the Brazilian hinterlands. It’s packed with artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that tell the story of life in the Brazilian backcountry. You’ll find traditional clothing, tools, and even a replica of a typical sertanejo house.

2. Museu Regional de Arte

Art lovers, rejoice! The Museu Regional de Arte (MRA) is a hub for regional artistic expression. It showcases a diverse collection of works by local artists, ranging from contemporary pieces to folk art. The museum’s vibrant exhibitions are a testament to the rich tapestry of Bahian culture.

3. Museu de Arte Contemporânea Raimundo de Oliveira

For a taste of the modern, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea Raimundo de Oliveira (MACRO) is the place to be. Named after a renowned local artist, this museum features cutting-edge exhibitions and works that challenge and inspire. It’s a space where the avant-garde meets the traditions of the past.

4. Parque do Saber Dival da Silva Pitombo

Science and technology take center stage at the Parque do Saber Dival da Silva Pitombo. This interactive museum is perfect for families, with exhibits that make learning about the universe fun and engaging. Don’t miss the planetarium, where you can gaze at the stars and dream of distant galaxies.

5. Museu de Zoologia da Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana

Animal enthusiasts will be thrilled with the Museu de Zoologia. It’s part of the State University of Feira de Santana and offers a fascinating glimpse into the animal kingdom. The museum boasts an impressive collection of preserved specimens, providing insight into the biodiversity of Brazil.

6. Centro Universitário de Cultura e Arte

The Centro Universitário de Cultura e Arte (CUCA) is more than just a museum; it’s a cultural institution. With a focus on education and the arts, CUCA hosts exhibitions, workshops, and performances that reflect the dynamic cultural scene of Feira de Santana.

7. Memorial da Feira

History comes alive at the Memorial da Feira. This museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of Feira de Santana’s storied past. Through documents, photographs, and artifacts, visitors can trace the evolution of the city from its early days to its current status as a regional powerhouse.

8. Museu do Folclore Edson Carneiro

Immerse yourself in Brazilian folklore at the Museu do Folclore Edson Carneiro. This museum celebrates the myths, legends, and traditions that shape Brazil’s cultural identity. It’s a colorful and enchanting place that captures the spirit of the nation’s storytelling heritage.

9. Museu Parque do Saber

Another gem within the Parque do Saber complex is the Museu Parque do Saber. This museum focuses on the natural sciences and is a treasure trove of knowledge for curious minds. Its interactive displays make it an educational hotspot for visitors of all ages.

10. Galeria de Arte Carlo Barbosa

Last but not least, the Galeria de Arte Carlo Barbosa offers a unique artistic experience. This gallery features the work of Carlo Barbosa, a local artist with a distinctive style. It’s a space that celebrates individual creativity and the power of artistic expression.


  • What are the opening hours for these museums?

    Most museums in Feira de Santana are open from Tuesday to Sunday, typically starting at 9 AM. However, it’s always best to check the specific museum’s website or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

  • Are there any admission fees?

    Some museums may charge a small fee, while others are free to the public. Again, it’s advisable to verify this information beforehand to plan your visit accordingly.

  • Is photography allowed inside the museums?

    Photography policies vary from museum to museum. Some may allow it without flash, while others may prohibit it altogether. Always ask for permission or look for posted guidelines when you arrive.


Feira de Santana’s museums are a testament to the city’s rich cultural fabric. From the traditional to the contemporary, these institutions offer a diverse array of experiences that cater to all interests. Whether you’re delving into the history of the sertanejo at the Museu Casa do Sertão or exploring the cosmos at the Parque do Saber, there’s something in Feira de Santana for every museum-goer. So next time you’re in town, make sure to carve out some time to visit these cultural havens – you won’t regret it!

Remember, each museum in Feira de Santana offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Brazil’s culture, history, and art. They’re not just places to visit; they’re experiences to be cherished. So, go ahead, immerse yourself in the stories they tell and come away with a deeper understanding of this vibrant city and its people.

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