The 10 Best Museums in Baguio City

Nestled in the Cordillera Central mountain range of the Philippines, Baguio City is a haven for culture enthusiasts and history buffs alike. It’s a place where the air is crisp, the vibe is laid-back, and the art scene is as vibrant as the blooming flowers that adorn the city. One of the city’s gems is the BenCab Museum, a treasure trove of contemporary and indigenous art that’s a must-visit for anyone stepping foot in the City of Pines.

But BenCab is just the beginning. Baguio boasts an array of museums that capture the spirit of the region, each with its own unique story to tell. So, grab a cup of the local brew, and let’s embark on a journey through the 10 best museums that Baguio City has to offer.

1. BenCab Museum

Home to the works of Benedicto Cabrera, a National Artist of the Philippines, the BenCab Museum is a modern art lover’s paradise. It’s not just the art that’ll catch your eye; the museum’s architecture and the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape are equally captivating. The museum also features artifacts from the Cordilleras, giving visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Baguio Museum

For a deep dive into the history of Baguio and the Cordillera region, the Baguio Museum is the place to be. Its exhibits showcase traditional clothing, jewelry, and tools, painting a vivid picture of the local culture. The museum itself is a cultural artifact, designed in the style of a traditional Ifugao house.

3. Ili-Likha Artists Village

More than a museum, Ili-Likha Artists Village is a whimsical space that celebrates the creative spirit. Founded by filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik, it’s a community of artisanal cafes and art installations. Each nook and cranny tells a story, and the eco-friendly design made from recycled materials is a testament to sustainable art.

4. Emilio F. Aguinaldo Museum

Dedicated to the first President of the Philippines, this museum is a historical landmark. It houses memorabilia from the Philippine Revolution and the Filipino-American War, offering a poignant look at the country’s fight for independence.

5. Tam-awan Village

Blending art and culture with nature, Tam-awan Village is an artist’s retreat that replicates a traditional Cordilleran village. Here, you can explore indigenous huts, view contemporary art exhibitions, and even participate in workshops.

6. Museo Kordilyera

Located within the University of the Philippines Baguio campus, Museo Kordilyera is an ethnographic museum that focuses on the cultures of the Cordillera region. Its exhibits include textiles, woodcarvings, and other artifacts that tell the story of the indigenous peoples of the northern Philippines.

7. The Laperal White House

This American colonial-style house turned museum is steeped in history and, some say, mystery. Once a private home, it now displays bamboo art and serves as a venue for ghost tours, given its reputation as one of Baguio’s haunted spots.

8. Bell House – Camp John Hay Historical Museum

The Bell House is a glimpse into the American colonial era in the Philippines. Located in Camp John Hay, it showcases historical photographs, memorabilia, and furniture from the time when the camp served as a rest and recreation facility for U.S. military personnel.

9. Philippine Military Academy Museum

For those interested in military history, this museum offers an extensive collection of uniforms, weapons, and other military paraphernalia. It’s a tribute to the valor and discipline of the Philippine Military Academy’s cadets and alumni.

10. Aguinaldo Museum – Baguio Branch

Another museum dedicated to President Emilio Aguinaldo, this branch focuses on his retreats in Baguio. It’s a smaller counterpart to the main Aguinaldo Museum but is rich with historical significance and artifacts from the Philippine Revolution.


  • What are the operating hours of these museums?

    Most museums in Baguio City are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, but it’s best to check their official websites or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

  • Are there entrance fees for these museums?

    Yes, most museums charge a minimal entrance fee. Some offer discounts for students, senior citizens, and children.

  • Is photography allowed inside the museums?

    Photography policies vary from museum to museum. Some allow it freely, while others may have restrictions or require special permits.

In conclusion, Baguio City’s museums are not just buildings filled with artifacts; they’re gateways to understanding the soul of this mountainous region. From the contemporary masterpieces at BenCab Museum to the historical treasures at the Emilio F. Aguinaldo Museum, each institution offers a unique perspective on the cultural tapestry of Baguio. Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or simply a curious traveler, these museums provide a rich, immersive experience that’s sure to enrich your visit to the City of Pines.

So, next time you’re wandering through Baguio’s cool climes, make sure to carve out time for these cultural havens. Trust me, you’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation for the city’s history, art, and the enduring spirit of its people. And who knows? You might just find yourself coming back for more.

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