Richmond Nightlife: The 10 Best Richmond Nightclubs

Ah, Richmond! The city that’s as rich in history as it is in its vibrant nightlife. If you’re looking to dance the night away or just sip on some fancy cocktails, you’re in for a treat. I’ve spent more nights than I can count exploring the nooks and crannies of Richmond’s club scene, and let me tell you, it’s as diverse as it is exciting. So, buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a tour of the 10 best nightclubs that Richmond has to offer.

1. The Broadberry: A Melting Pot of Music and Merriment

First up on our list is The Broadberry. This place isn’t just a nightclub; it’s a musical haven. With a calendar that’s always packed with live bands spanning various genres, you’re guaranteed a night of toe-tapping and hip-swinging. The energy here is infectious, and before you know it, you’ll be part of the dancing crowd, letting loose and living it up.

2. Plush RVA: Luxury Meets Party

Now, if you’re in the mood for something a bit more upscale, Plush RVA is where it’s at. The name says it all – luxury and comfort, with a side of party. The velvet ropes and VIP areas give it an exclusive feel, but once the DJ starts spinning, everyone’s on the dance floor. It’s a place where you can dress to impress and dance the night away.

3. The Tobacco Company Club: A Nod to Richmond’s Roots

Richmond’s history is deeply intertwined with tobacco, and The Tobacco Company Club pays homage to that legacy. Set in a restored tobacco warehouse, this club offers multiple levels of entertainment. Whether you’re grooving to the latest hits on the main floor or enjoying a more intimate vibe in the basement lounge, this place has something for everyone.

4. Club Infuzion: The Name Says It All

Club Infuzion is exactly what it sounds like – a fusion of sights, sounds, and people. With themed nights and an impressive light show, this club keeps the energy high and the party going strong. It’s the kind of place where you can lose track of time and just enjoy the moment.

5. Visions Dance Club: See and Be Seen

Located within the DoubleTree by Hilton, Visions Dance Club offers a more refined nightlife experience. It’s a spot where the mature crowd gathers, dressed to the nines, ready to dance to a mix of old-school hits and today’s chart-toppers. It’s classy, it’s fun, and it’s definitely a place to see and be seen.

6. Fallout RVA: For the Alternative Souls

Not everyone’s into the mainstream club scene, and that’s where Fallout RVA comes in. It’s a sanctuary for the alternative crowd, with goth and industrial vibes. The community here is tight-knit, but they’re always welcoming to newcomers looking to experience something different. It’s a place where you can be unapologetically yourself.

7. Godfrey’s: Drag Shows and Dance Floors

Godfrey’s is an institution in Richmond’s nightlife. Famous for its drag brunches and vibrant dance floor, it’s a place that celebrates diversity and self-expression. The shows are top-notch, the atmosphere is inclusive, and the dance floor is always packed. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to have a fabulous time.

8. Cha Cha’s Cantina: Spice Up Your Night

If you’re craving a bit of Latin flair, Cha Cha’s Cantina will not disappoint. With salsa nights and spicy margaritas, this nightclub brings the heat. It’s a lively spot where the rhythm of the music will have you moving your hips without even realizing it. Plus, the Mexican-inspired bites are perfect for fueling up for a night of dancing.

9. The Canal Club: A Genre-Bending Experience

The Canal Club is a chameleon in the Richmond club scene. One night, you might find a rock concert, and the next, a hip-hop party. It’s this genre-bending approach that keeps locals coming back for more. The space is raw and industrial, adding to the edgy vibe that music lovers adore.

10. Barcode: Casual and Cool

Last but not least, Barcode is the epitome of casual cool. It’s a no-frills spot where the focus is on good drinks, good music, and good company. With a cozy outdoor patio and a jukebox filled with hits, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long week. It’s laid-back, it’s friendly, and it’s quintessentially Richmond.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the dress code like at Richmond nightclubs?

    It varies! Places like Plush RVA and Visions Dance Club might require a dressier getup, while spots like Fallout RVA and Barcode welcome a more casual look. Always check the club’s website or social media before heading out.

  • Are there any age restrictions for Richmond nightclubs?

    Most clubs in Richmond have an age limit of 21 and over, especially if they serve alcohol. However, some venues might host 18+ nights or concerts, so it’s best to verify in advance.

  • Do Richmond nightclubs offer VIP services?

    Yes, many clubs offer VIP tables, bottle service, and private areas. If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience, be sure to book in advance.


Richmond’s nightlife is as dynamic and diverse as its history. From the luxurious vibes at Plush RVA to the alternative atmosphere at Fallout RVA, there’s a nightclub for every taste and style. Whether you’re in the mood for a drag show at Godfrey’s or a rock concert at The Canal Club, you’re bound to find your groove in this city. So, next time you’re in Richmond, don’t miss out on the chance to experience these top-notch nightclubs. Trust me, they’re the heartbeat of the city after dark.

Remember, the key to a great night out is to embrace the local culture, respect the venues and their patrons, and let loose responsibly. Richmond’s nightclubs are waiting to welcome you with open arms and pulsating beats. See you on the dance floor!

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