Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s Top 10 Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Phnom Penh, the bustling capital of Cambodia, is a city that’s been on my radar for quite some time. As a seasoned real estate expert, I’ve seen the city’s potential for investment opportunities skyrocket in recent years. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and rapid urban development, Phnom Penh is a goldmine for savvy real estate investors. So, let’s dive into the top 10 real estate investment opportunities in this dynamic city. 🏙️

1. Luxury Condominiums

Phnom Penh’s skyline is dotted with high-rise luxury condominiums, a testament to the city’s growing affluence. These properties offer a high return on investment, with rental yields averaging 5-7%. Plus, with the city’s increasing expatriate population, demand for luxury living spaces is on the rise. 🌆

2. Commercial Properties

With a booming economy and a growing middle class, commercial properties in Phnom Penh are a smart investment. Prime locations like the Central Business District and Riverside area offer high rental yields and strong capital appreciation. Think office spaces, retail outlets, and restaurants. 🏢

3. Affordable Housing

As the city expands, so does the need for affordable housing. Investing in low-cost apartments and houses in the city’s outskirts can yield significant returns, especially as infrastructure improves and these areas become more accessible. 🏘️

4. Boutique Hotels

Phnom Penh’s tourism sector is thriving, making boutique hotels a lucrative investment. These properties offer a unique, personalized experience for travelers, setting them apart from larger hotel chains. Plus, they’re often located in prime tourist areas, ensuring high occupancy rates. 🏨

5. Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments, offering hotel-like amenities with the comfort of home, are a hit among expats and long-term visitors. With Phnom Penh’s growing expat community, investing in serviced apartments can provide steady rental income. 🛋️

6. Land Banking

Land banking, or buying land for future Sale or development, is a long-term investment strategy. As Phnom Penh continues to grow, undeveloped land in strategic locations will become increasingly valuable. 🌳

7. Warehousing and Logistics

With Cambodia’s growing e-commerce sector, demand for warehousing and logistics facilities is on the rise. Investing in these properties can offer stable, long-term returns. 📦

8. Co-working Spaces

With a burgeoning startup scene and a rise in remote work, co-working spaces are in high demand in Phnom Penh. These spaces offer flexibility and community, attracting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 🖥️

9. Student Accommodation

Phnom Penh is home to several universities, creating a steady demand for student accommodation. Investing in properties near these institutions can provide consistent rental income. 🎓

10. Retirement Villages

With a growing elderly population and a lack of specialized housing, retirement villages are an untapped market in Phnom Penh. These communities offer a range of services and amenities tailored to seniors, making them an attractive investment. 👵


Q: Is it safe to invest in real estate in Phnom Penh?
A: Yes, it is generally safe to invest in real estate in Phnom Penh. However, like any investment, it’s important to do your research and consider seeking advice from a local real estate expert.

Q: Can foreigners own property in Cambodia?
A: Foreigners can own properties in Cambodia, but with some restrictions. They can own buildings and other structures, but not the land on which they sit. However, there are legal structures in place, such as long-term leases and forming a company, that allow foreigners to effectively control land.

Q: What is the average return on investment for real estate in Phnom Penh?
A: The average return on investment for real estate in Phnom Penh varies depending on the type of property and its location. However, rental yields typically range from 5-7%.


Phnom Penh, with its dynamic economy and growing middle class, offers a wealth of real estate investment opportunities. From luxury condominiums and commercial properties to affordable housing and boutique hotels, there’s something for every investor. And with the city’s ongoing development and increasing foreign interest, now is an exciting time to invest in Phnom Penh’s real estate market. 🚀

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