Mataram Attractions: The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Mataram

Imagine stepping into a world where the whispers of history and the vibrancy of modern life blend seamlessly. That’s Mataram for you, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It’s a city that doesn’t just open its arms to travelers; it invites them on a journey through time and culture. Let’s dive into the top 10 attractions that make Mataram a must-visit destination.

1. Pura Meru

Standing tall as the largest temple in Lombok, Pura Meru is a spiritual cornerstone for the Balinese Hindus in Mataram. Built in 1720, the temple’s three multi-tiered shrines are dedicated to the Hindu trinity. Visiting during a religious festival, you’ll find the air filled with the scent of incense and the sounds of gamelan music. It’s a cultural immersion that’s hard to beat.

2. Mayura Water Palace

Once a royal court of the former Balinese kingdom, Mayura Water Palace is a serene escape. The Central feature is a large artificial lake with a floating pavilion, known as Bale Kambang. Surrounded by lush gardens, it’s a picturesque spot for a leisurely stroll or a deep dive into the island’s royal past.

3. Narmada Park

Ever heard of a park that’s also a fountain of youth? Narmada Park was created in the 1800s as a replica of Mount Rinjani and its crater lake. The park’s holy spring is believed to give eternal youth to those who drink from it. Whether you’re a believer or not, the park’s beauty is undeniably rejuvenating.

4. Lingsar Temple

This unique temple is a symbol of harmony between Balinese Hindus and the local Sasak Muslims. Lingsar Temple hosts the annual Pujawali festival, which features the Perang Topat, a friendly war where participants throw rice cakes at each other. It’s a sight that’s as entertaining as it is culturally significant.

5. Senggigi Beach

Just a stone’s throw from Mataram, Senggigi Beach is the epitome of tropical paradise. With its crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, it’s a haven for snorkelers and sunbathers alike. As the sun sets, the sky turns into a canvas of fiery hues – a perfect backdrop for a beachside dinner.

6. Mataram Mall

For those who crave a touch of modernity, Mataram Mall offers a variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment options. It’s a bustling hub where you can find both local handicrafts and international brands. Don’t miss out on trying some local delicacies at the food court!

7. West Nusa Tenggara State Museum

Curious about the region’s history and culture? The West Nusa Tenggara State Museum is your go-to spot. With artifacts ranging from traditional textiles to ancient weaponry, the museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the island’s diverse heritage.

8. Taman Sangkareang

Taman Sangkareang is a local park that’s a hub for community life. It’s where families gather, children play, and vendors sell tempting street food. The park’s vibrant atmosphere is infectious, making it a great place to relax and people-watch.

9. Batu Bolong Temple

Perched on a rocky outcrop with the ocean as its backdrop, Batu Bolong Temple is a sight to behold. The temple’s natural setting is dramatic, especially at sunset. It’s a popular spot for both pilgrims and photographers, each drawn by its unique charm.

10. Sekarbela Pearl Market

Mataram is renowned for its pearls, and the Sekarbela Pearl Market is where you’ll find the best of them. Whether you’re looking for a special souvenir or a gift, the market’s array of pearl jewelry is dazzling. Haggling is part of the fun here, so get ready to negotiate like a local!


  • What’s the best time to visit Mataram?

    The dry season, from May to September, is ideal for visiting Mataram. The weather is sunny and perfect for exploring the city’s attractions.

  • Is Mataram suitable for family travel?

    Absolutely! With its parks, beaches, and cultural sites, there’s something for every family member to enjoy.

  • How do I get around Mataram?

    Taxis, motorbike rentals, and local bemos (mini-vans) are readily available for getting around the city.


Mataram, with its rich tapestry of attractions, offers an experience that’s as diverse as it is memorable. From the spiritual heights of Pura Meru to the bustling lanes of Sekarbela Pearl Market, there’s a slice of Lombok for everyone. Whether you’re soaking in the history at Mayura Water Palace or basking in the sun at Senggigi Beach, you’re in for an adventure that’s both enlightening and exhilarating. So pack your bags, and let Mataram surprise you with its treasures!

Remember, Mataram isn’t just a stopover; it’s a destination in its own right. With these top 10 attractions, you’re well on your way to discovering the heart and soul of this enchanting city. See you in Mataram!

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