How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the heart of Europe, is a city that never fails to captivate with its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture. But when it comes to real estate, finding the right agent in this bustling city can be a daunting task. As an experienced real estate professional who has navigated the Prague property market, I’m here to share some insider tips on how to find the best real estate agents in Prague, Czech Republic. 🏡

Understanding the Prague Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Prague is dynamic and diverse, offering a wide range of properties from historic apartments in the city center to modern villas in the suburbs. The market is competitive, with high demand and limited supply driving up prices. Therefore, having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent is crucial to finding the right property at the right price.

Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

Before we dive into how to find the best real estate agents, let’s first understand what makes a good agent. A good real estate agent should have a deep understanding of the local market, strong negotiation skills, and a network of contacts in the industry. They should be responsive, professional, and put their client’s interests first. But most importantly, they should be trustworthy – after all, buying or selling a property is a significant financial decision, and you want to be sure you’re in good hands. 👍

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Prague

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are some tried-and-tested strategies for finding the best real estate agents in Prague:

  • Referrals: Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. Ask friends, family, or colleagues who have recently bought or sold property in Prague for recommendations.
  • Online Research: Use online platforms to research agents. Look at their listings, read client reviews, and check their social media presence.
  • Interview Potential Agents: Don’t be afraid to interview potential agents. Ask about their experience, their approach to negotiation, and their knowledge of the Prague real estate market.
  • Check Credentials: Make sure the agent is licensed and check if they have any additional certifications or awards.


1. How much do real estate agents charge in Prague?

Real estate agent fees in Prague typically range from 3% to 6% of the property’s selling price, plus VAT. However, this can vary depending on the agent and the complexity of the transaction.

2. Can foreigners buy property in Prague?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Prague. However, the process can be complex, and it’s recommended to work with a real estate agent who is experienced in helping foreign buyers.

3. What is the average price of property in Prague?

The average price of property in Prague can vary greatly depending on the location and type of property. As of 2021, the average price per square meter in the city center is around CZK 100,000.


Finding the best real estate agent in Prague is no small feat, but with the right approach, it’s certainly achievable. By seeking referrals, conducting thorough online research, interviewing potential agents, and checking their credentials, you can find an agent who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also trustworthy and professional. Remember, a good real estate agent is your ally in navigating the complex and competitive Prague real estate market, helping you to find the perfect property at the right price. 🏠

In conclusion, finding the best real estate agents in Prague, Czech Republic, involves understanding the local market, identifying the qualities of a good agent, and using effective strategies such as referrals, online research, interviews, and credential checks. With these tips, you’re well on your way to securing your dream property in the heart of Europe. Happy house hunting! 🎉

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