Exploring Zhongli, Taiwan: 10 Best Parks and Recreational Spots

When you think of Taiwan, bustling cities like Taipei or Kaohsiung might come to mind. But let me tell you, there’s a hidden gem that’s waiting to be explored – Zhongli. Nestled in the heart of Taoyuan City, Zhongli is a vibrant district that offers a unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty. As a real estate expert who has spent considerable time in this region, I’ve discovered some of the best parks and recreational spots that Zhongli has to offer. So, buckle up and let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🚗💨

1. Zhongli Xinming Park

First on our list is Zhongli Xinming Park. This park is a haven for nature lovers, with its lush greenery, serene lake, and a variety of bird species. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic with family. 🌳🦆

2. Zhongli Arts Hall

For the culture vultures, Zhongli Arts Hall is a must-visit. This modern facility hosts a variety of performances and exhibitions, offering a glimpse into Taiwan’s vibrant arts scene. 🎭🎨

3. Longgang Mosque

Longgang Mosque, the largest mosque in Taiwan, is a testament to Zhongli’s cultural diversity. Its stunning architecture and peaceful ambiance make it a must-visit spot. 🕌🙏

4. Zhongli Night Market

No visit to Taiwan is complete without exploring a night market, and Zhongli Night Market is one of the best. From mouth-watering street food to unique souvenirs, this bustling market has something for everyone. 🍜🛍️

5. Zhongli Sports Park

For the sports enthusiasts, Zhongli Sports Park is the place to be. With facilities for basketball, tennis, and more, it’s a great spot to get active and enjoy some friendly competition. 🏀🎾

6. Zhongli Xinming Night Market

Another night market worth exploring is Zhongli Xinming Night Market. It’s smaller than the main night market but offers a more local experience with unique food stalls and shops. 🍢🥟

7. Zhongli Shrine

Zhongli Shrine, dedicated to the god of war, is a historical landmark with stunning architecture. It’s a peaceful spot to learn about Taiwan’s religious traditions. 🏯🙏

8. Zhongli Xinming Green Tunnel

For a unique experience, take a stroll through the Zhongli Xinming Green Tunnel. This tree-lined path offers a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. 🌳🚶‍♀️

9. Zhongli Xinming Riverside Park

Located along the river, Zhongli Xinming Riverside Park is a great spot for a picnic or a leisurely bike ride. It also offers stunning views of the city skyline. 🌆🚴‍♂️

10. Zhongli Xinming Wetland Park

Last but not least, Zhongli Xinming Wetland Park is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers. With its diverse ecosystem, it’s a great spot to learn about Taiwan’s Flora and fauna. 🦆🌿


Q: Is Zhongli worth visiting?
A: Absolutely! Zhongli offers a unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty, making it a great destination for all types of travelers.

Q: What is Zhongli famous for?
A: Zhongli is known for its vibrant night markets, lush parks, and cultural landmarks like the Longgang Mosque and Zhongli Shrine.

Q: How do I get to Zhongli?
A: Zhongli is easily accessible by train from Taipei and other major cities in Taiwan.


In conclusion, Zhongli, Taiwan is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. From its vibrant night markets to its serene parks and recreational spots, there’s something for everyone in this charming district. So, whether you’re a foodie, a nature lover, a culture vulture, or a sports enthusiast, Zhongli has got you covered. So why wait? Start planning your trip to Zhongli today! 🌏✈️

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