Detroit Attractions: The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Detroit

Detroit, a city with a story to tell, is a treasure trove of attractions that beckon tourists from all corners. It’s a place where the past and the future coalesce, creating a vibrant tapestry of experiences. From the hum of Motown’s historic hits to the awe-inspiring masterpieces at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the city offers a plethora of sights that are sure to captivate any visitor.

The Guardian Building: A Testament to Art Deco Splendor

Step into the Guardian Building, and you’re immediately transported to an era of opulence. This skyscraper isn’t just an office building; it’s a cathedral of commerce, adorned with intricate tile work and a soaring three-story lobby. The Native American motifs and Art Deco designs make it a visual feast, and it’s no wonder that it’s often the first stop for architecture enthusiasts.

Detroit Institute of Arts: A Cultural Haven

Art lovers, rejoice! The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is home to over 65,000 works, spanning continents and centuries. The Diego Rivera murals alone are worth the trip, offering a powerful social commentary wrapped in stunning fresco art. The DIA isn’t just a museum; it’s a cultural hub where the world’s stories unfold through Brush strokes and sculptures.

Belle Isle Park: An Urban Oasis

Imagine an island park that offers a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. Belle Isle Park is just that—a 982-acre island sanctuary. With an aquarium, conservatory, and even a giant slide, it’s a place where families can unwind and create memories. The views of the Detroit skyline from here? Absolutely breathtaking.

The Henry Ford Museum: A Journey Through Innovation

History buffs, get ready for a treat at The Henry Ford Museum. It’s not just about cars; it’s about the spirit of American innovation. From presidential limousines to the Rosa Parks bus, each exhibit tells a story of ingenuity and courage. It’s a place where you can’t help but feel inspired by the relentless American drive to create and explore.

Comerica Park: A Home Run for Sports Fans

Baseball fan or not, Comerica Park is a must-visit. It’s where the Detroit Tigers roar, and the atmosphere is electric. The park blends modern amenities with classic ballpark charm, and the giant tiger statues are perfect for a fun photo op. Even when there’s no game, the park offers tours that are a home run for sports enthusiasts.

Detroit Riverwalk: A Stroll with a View

For a serene escape, the Detroit Riverwalk is the perfect spot. Stretching along the Detroit River, it offers stunning views of Canada and plenty of green space for a picnic or a leisurely walk. The Riverwalk is more than a path; it’s a community space where locals and visitors alike come to soak in the beauty of the waterfront.

The Motown Museum: Where Music History Lives

Get ready to groove at the Motown Museum. This unassuming house, Hitsville U.S.A., was the birthplace of the Motown sound. Stepping into Studio A, where legends like Stevie Wonder and The Supremes recorded hits, is like walking through music history. It’s a pilgrimage site for any music lover.

Eastern Market: A Feast for the Senses

Foodies, Eastern Market is your paradise. It’s one of the oldest and largest year-round markets in the United States. With local produce, artisanal goods, and vibrant murals, it’s a feast for the senses. Saturdays here are an event, with live music and cooking demos adding to the bustling atmosphere.

The Heidelberg Project: Art with a Message

The Heidelberg Project isn’t just an art installation; it’s a movement. Artist Tyree Guyton transformed a derelict street into an outdoor art gallery, using found objects to make a statement on urban decay. It’s provocative, it’s colorful, and it’s a testament to the resilience of Detroit’s spirit.

The Fisher Building: Detroit’s Largest Art Object

Last but not least, the Fisher Building is a marvel. Dubbed “Detroit’s largest art object,” its golden tower can be seen for miles. Inside, the lavish lobbies and theaters are a reminder of Detroit’s golden age. The building is not just a place of business; it’s a symbol of the city’s enduring grandeur.


  • What’s the best time to visit Detroit attractions?

    Summer and fall are fantastic times to visit, with pleasant weather and numerous festivals. However, indoor attractions like the DIA and The Henry Ford Museum are great year-round.

  • Are there any free attractions in Detroit?

    Yes! The Riverwalk, Belle Isle Park, and the Heidelberg Project can be enjoyed without spending a dime.

  • Is Detroit family-friendly?

    Definitely! Attractions like Belle Isle Park and the Detroit Zoo are perfect for a family day out.


In conclusion, Detroit is a city brimming with attractions that cater to every interest. From the architectural grandeur of the Guardian Building to the historical depths of The Henry Ford Museum, there’s something to awe everyone. The city’s rich musical heritage at the Motown Museum and the stunning natural beauty of Belle Isle Park are just a few highlights that make Detroit a unique destination. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, art aficionado, or history enthusiast, the Motor City welcomes you with open arms and a wealth of experiences. So pack your bags and set off on an adventure through Detroit’s best tourist attractions—you won’t be disappointed.

Remember, Detroit’s attractions are more than just places to visit; they’re stories waiting to be told. And who knows? Maybe you’ll leave with a few tales of your own. After all, that’s the beauty of travel—it’s not just about the places you see, but the memories you create and the stories you bring back home.

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