Can Foreigners Buy Property In Guyana

Exploring Property Ownership in Guyana: A Guide for Foreigners

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Guyana

Ever wondered if you, as a foreigner, can buy property in Guyana? Well, you’re not alone. I’ve been asked this question countless times, and the answer is a resounding yes! 🎉 But, like any real estate transaction, there are certain nuances and legalities to consider. So, let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of buying property in this South American gem.

Understanding Guyana’s Real Estate Market

First things first, it’s important to understand the real estate market in Guyana. The country has seen a surge in property prices over the past decade, thanks to its growing economy and the discovery of significant offshore oil reserves. 🛢️

Despite this, property prices remain relatively affordable compared to other countries in the region. This, coupled with the country’s stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, makes it an attractive destination for foreign investors.

Now, let’s talk about the legal framework. Guyana’s constitution guarantees the right to own property, and this extends to foreigners. However, there are some restrictions. For instance, foreigners cannot own land within 40 miles of the border without special permission from the government. This is to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

Additionally, foreigners are required to obtain an Alien Landholding License to purchase more than 3 acres of land. This process can be time-consuming and requires the payment of a fee, but it’s a necessary step to ensure compliance with local laws.

Buying Process for Foreigners

The process of buying property in Guyana is relatively straightforward. It typically involves the following steps:

  • Identifying a suitable property
  • Negotiating the price with the seller
  • Engaging a local attorney to conduct a title search and prepare the sales agreement
  • Paying the agreed-upon price and any applicable taxes
  • Registering the property in your name at the Deeds Registry

It’s important to note that all legal documents must be in English, as it’s the official language of Guyana. Also, it’s advisable to engage a local attorney to guide you through the process and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Financing Options

When it comes to financing, foreigners have several options. They can either pay cash, secure a mortgage from a local bank, or arrange financing from their home country. However, it’s worth noting that getting a mortgage in Guyana can be challenging due to high interest rates and stringent lending criteria. Therefore, many foreigners opt to pay cash or arrange financing from their home country.


1. Can foreigners rent out their property in Guyana?

Yes, foreigners can rent out their property in Guyana. In fact, this can be a great way to generate passive income, especially given the high demand for rental properties in the country.

2. Are there any taxes for foreign property owners in Guyana?

Yes, foreign property owners are required to pay property taxes in Guyana. The rate varies depending on the location and value of the property. Additionally, there may be capital gains tax when selling the property.

3. Can foreigners inherit property in Guyana?

Yes, foreigners can inherit property in Guyana. However, they may be required to pay inheritance tax, depending on the value of the property.


In conclusion, foreigners can indeed buy property in Guyana. The process is relatively straightforward, but it’s important to understand the legal framework and engage a local attorney to ensure compliance with local laws. With its growing economy and affordable property prices, Guyana presents an attractive investment opportunity for foreigners. So, if you’ve been considering buying property abroad, why not give Guyana a shot? You might just find your dream home or the perfect investment opportunity. 🏡

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